Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 11

 November 18
70 days old
.Started reflux meds. last week but not seeming to help
.Acting like belly is unsettled more and more
.Happiest when we are holding him outward putting pressure on his belly
.No amount of gas drops or Colic calm is helping
.Visit Grandma and Papa
.Is perfecting the sticky-outie lip when he is sad
.Goes to bed in his crib amazing at night but will not nap in it during the day

November 19
71 days old
.Easton spent the day with us
.Had weird yucky dark poop
.Friends-Giving with the Andersons
.Lots of yummy food
.3 blow outs today

November 20
72 days old
.Snuggled Mum most of the day
.Took family pictures with Harley
.Was loved on by Aunt Alana and Aunt Jill
.Read lots of stories with Mum
.When Tracker is sleepy he rubs his face/nose into my neck back and forth really fast and snorts
.Is smiling just about anytime anyone talks to him
.Loves when we say Makenzie
.His finger nails grow at a rapid pace. I have to trim them every week. Sometimes more than once.
.I have yet to trim his toe nails, they just haven't really grown

November 21
73 days old
.Went to the gym with Mum and Aunt Jill
.Got kicked out of the gym
.Was left for the very first time with Aunt Alana while Mum went back to the gym
.Watched his cousins hula hoop and entertain him
.Mum was sent picture texts assuring Tracker "was having the time of his life"
.Only gone for a half hour
.Mum then didn't put the bebe down the rest of the day
.Tried to get some stuff ready for Thanksgiving with my spare hand
.Getting pretty good at doing just about anything around the house with 1 arm/hand

November 22
74 days old
.First Thanksgiving
.Loves to snuggle into his blankets and rub them in his face
.Visit Makenzie
.Breakfast at Grandma and Papa
.Visit Great Grandma Phillis
.Dinner with the Allens
.Played with the Keelie, Ryland and Rylee
.After bebe went to bed Mum went out shopping

November 23
75 days old
.Slept from 9:00 pm - 5:00 am for his Daddy
.Wasn't to happy all day, maybe mad Mum left him
.Tummy was bothering him so he was only happy being held with pressure on his belly
.Watched the kids play
.First movie in the theatre and this babe slept the entire time

November 24
76 days old
.Slept in the car seat most of the time we were out
.Snuggled in the stroller while we were downtown
.Loved the big Christmas tree
.Decided it was to cold for a horse ride and lights so we went home early
.Had an even harder day
.Been spitting up chunky milk
.Decided to cut out all dairy for Mum and switch formula to soy

So much to be Thankful for. Life is good.


Ashley Quarles said...

I say it every time, but I seriously don't think that he can get any cuter!!!! He is just precious and I know you and Ryan are oh so grateful for him!!

Amy said...

I wasn't able to breastfeed due to no milk. We had to feed formula from the beginning. I had to put my little guy on reflux meds at 6wks and after many formula switches we settled on Similac Alimentum at 8 wks. It is pricey, but worked wonders. My little guy wouldn't nap during the day, very gassy, and would projectile vomit. The formula turned him back in to my happy baby who would take 4 hour naps. It was AMAZING! Just thought I would share my experience and your Tracker sounds just like my Grayson was at his age. I highly recommend the Alimentum formula.

Lori said...

I have been reading your blog for sometime now and your son is adorable ... My middle son had the same feeding, gas issues that your son seems to be having. After trying breast milk and 6 different formulas we tried Similac Expert Care® Alimentum® it was the only thing that worked ... I just thought I would let you know my experience.

Kristin and Jay said...

Just some advice on the formula. My first daughter seemed to be allergic to everything milk and soy. We switched to a hypoallergenic formula called Nutrimagen. A bit expensive but SO SO worth it. She was a different baby after that. No more colic, and spit up way less. Worth a try? Good luck!!

Alerie said...

Just thought I would share too. I took out dairy from my diet with my first and third. I ended up having to stop nursing my first due to getting pregnant andd I too had to use Enfamil's Nutramigen. My third (my baby now) I supplement with formula and I had to use Nutramigen too. Both of mine had a milk allergy and they say they will most likely grow out of it by the time they are 1. My first was 10 months old when we tried switching her to a normal formula and she was fine and my baby now I started introducing dairy again to my diet around 5 months old and he didn't seem to react so we also switch to a gentle formula and he seems to be doing fine. They say babies with diary allergies it is also very common for them to be allergic/irritated with soy. He may not be, but if you don't see that it helps that may be why. The other formula people mentioned above is the same as Nutramigen it is just Similac's version. The only reason I used the Nutramigen over the Alimentum is because it was a few dollars cheaper and both of these are already very pricey. Hope you find something that works for you. You both will be in my prayers.

Jeannie said...

Those tummy issues can be so tough :( Both my babies had them and switching them to soy made them completley different the best way! I sure hope it helps your sweet Tracker.

Shawna said...

He's getting so big! What a cutie. My DS had reflux too -- it was miserable. Early on, we tried different formulas, including the expensive ones, and none of them helped. In fact, the Nutrimagen was the worst of anything we gave him. Finally, we tried the Lipil A.R. formula that makes and that helped some but he still struggled a lot. It took us awhile to convince the doctor, but once he was refluxing up solid foods, they gave us meds. The first one didn't help but the second, Prevacid, made a huge difference and he was a completely different kid after that. We did meds just until he was one. He still has reflux, at 6 (my DH never outgrew his either), but it's infrequent and we just give him a TUMS when he complains about the pain in his throat.

So, every kid is different, but I definitely agree with the others, trying different formulas is worth it to see if something works. Good luck!

Kennedy Klan said...

Kendra, I have to tell you that the Picture of Tracker with the Daddy's lil hunting buddy shirt on (the one where he is alone and smiling) He looks just like Ryan!!! Its so so CUTE! I can't get over how he grows and changes from week to week. I love how everything has worked out for you and Ryan, and you have your perfect, healthy little Tracker to love on. :)

Trinity said...

I sent you an email to see when you would like to meet up to receive the baby leggings. We most likely will have them done by December 5th. We have 22 more pairs to sew. :) Let me know. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Adorable onesie!! (lil' hunting buddy) - where did you get it? As usual, your son is the most adorable thing :) So happy for you and your family!!


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