Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 8

October 28
49 days old
.Slept 5 hours straight
.Snuggled Mum and Dad in bed
.Family dinner at Grandma and Papa's

October 29
50 days old
.happy 50 day old birthday love
.Went to the mall with Mum
.Didn't like being in the stroller
.Stroller tipped over with a full cup of lemonade in cup holder which then spilled all over clothes in the GAP
.Went to visit Kenzie
.First sonic picnic with Kenzie
.Went to a meeting at Mums work and screamed the entire time
.We left early from the meeting and got stuck in the parking lot since someone parked behind me
.Had to recruit a stranger to help me make a 3478 point turn around all the while baby was screaming
.Finally was freed and Mum had to pull over due to a mini nervous break down
.We both cried for a while on the drive home
.Came home to Dad and Tracker immediately was happy and smiling for days at him
.Snuggled until bed

October 30
51 days old
.Rock star baby slept from 10:30 - 4:30, Mum thought she was dreaming
.Tried the sling but he hated it
.Rolled from tummy to back AGAIN
.Stood outside the majority of the day
.Baby was not happy and being outside was the only thing that he liked
.Took a drive before bed to try and calm Track down but he screamed the entire time
.Finally put him in the shower which did the trick

October 31
52 days old
.Happy first Halloween
.Made cookies and chili
.Went on a walk
.Handed out candy
.Giggled for the first time

November 1
53 days old
.Lunch with Gma Diane
.Went to Mums doctor apt and cried the entire time
.Dinner with Andersons
.First blow out at restaurant
.Had to get a mini bath in the restroom sink
.Is cooing more and more

November 2
54 days old
.No interest in napping or being put down for that matter
.Played with Aunt Alana so Mum could get some work done in the other room
.Loves to be talked to
.First time sitting by the fire outside
.Pretty consistent with middle of the night blow outs
.Smiling more and more

November 3
55 days old
.Played with Emma and Brady all day
.Walked to the park
.Snuggled Allie and Derek all night

I cant believe how fast this is all going.


Monica said...

Soooo adorable!

Kerri said...

Oh my goodness he is adorable!!!

The Pachuilo Family said...

He looks so much like Makenzie! He is so adorable and I just love all the pictures.

standtallnow said...

SO... you might think that this sounds crazy, but when my oldest was born, he was super colicky. He cried most of the time. I so treasured the moments when I could get him to calm down and be smiley. Anyways, I began taking him to a chiropractor. It did wonders! It helped him so much! His tummy was much happier and he was MUCH happier. Just a thought...

Auntie EM said...

I, of course, like the pumpkin onesie the best!! Really though, he looks adorable in anything and everything but his Auntie is partial. Ha Ha Love ya.

Alerie said...

SO adorable!! You always have him dressed so cute!!


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