Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A bit of everything.

Working out. Lifting those weights.

Visit to Kenzie. I have a box of stuff that we can take to her for non-holiday days. 
Teagan picked out a couple things she thought Kenzie would like best. 
Pink garland + Orange Gnom 

Utah tailgate.
Pouring rain.
Good thing we had shelter.
Boys had a blast in the cold
Girls+kids had a blast indoors
Great night.

A few of the ones who love Tracker most.

Yummy food.
Laughing for hours.
Great company.


Watching videos of his sister.

Snoozing in the bath.

Hanging with his Daddy. They are pretty much best buds.

Reading stories. Doesn't love them as much as his sister but will sit through a couple.

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