Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 9

November 4
56 days old
.Meeting cousins Troy, Kristen and Kiana
.Dinner at Papa and Grandma Webster's
.All participated in a family activity making Thankful trees 
(Tracker added his essentials... binky, blanket, milk, etc)
.Not much sleep this night

November 5
57 days old
.Ran errands
.Hung out at the shop while Mums car got fixed
.Tested out the bumbo

November 6
58 days old
.Went on a  hour walk to get baby to sleep
.Giggling more and more- mainly with Dad
.Slept 10pm-3am ate and went back down 4am-6am - woohooo

November 7
59 days old
.Packed away every last NB outfit and put it in storage
.Napped in swing
.Grandma and Papa came for a visit
.Dad was sick so he had to stay away
.Rolled over tummy to back- AGAIN
.Slept 10pm-4am ate and again 5am-9am - ammmazing
.Blow out mid-day. Mum started to change bebe and mid diaper swap/whip down it started coming out and fast. I grabbed him and ran to the bathroom sink and stuck him in it. Turned on the water and apparently the pressure was working great because it shot out hit Tracker and went all over the room, spraying all his poo flakes as well. After I finished washing him down I start back into his room and realize the trail I left. Nice.

November 8
60 days old
.Dad was sick so he stayed home
.We stayed out of the house to let him sleep
.Went to a holiday boutique with Aunt Alana
.Kissed those lips a million times
.Laid on the floor and Tracker grabbed my hair and wouldn't let go- just like Kenzie used to do
.Realized Tracker has my ears and Kenzie had Ryans

November 9
61 days old
.2 month birthday baby
.Holy snow day
.Watched the snow fall for hours
.Photo op
.Ran errands (extra slow)
.Skyped with Tracks cousins
.Lunch with Grandma Diane
.2 month doctor appointment
.Daddy came
.Was laying there happy as can be. Drank the oral medicine like a pro. Was watching me when BAM. Those 2 nurses each jabbed his legs. He jerked, started screaming and turned a bright shade of red. I have never hear him cry like. It was horrible.
.Long hot bath in the big tub
.Legs hurting
.Extra sad baby

November 10
62 days old
.Pretty unhappy baby
.Warm packs and massages all day on those legs
.Watched Harley play in the snow
.Celebrated Allies birthday at Tepanyaki
.Drove home in shear panic because of the horrible conditions. There were 6 accidents.


Trinity said...

I love the picture where it looks as though he is strumming the guitar on his shirt. BTW: I really need to get started on those leg warmers. Is there a day that you need them by? We just got over yet another sickness, but this time it was my husband and I. I really need to make time to finish this project so if I have a day that you need them by that will help. Just email me your answer. Thanks so much.

Shauna Martin said...

He is sooo adorable! He looks so inquisitive! Congrats on your handsome boy! :)

Shauna Martin said...

He is soooo adorable and lookds so inquisitive! Congrats on your handsome little man! :)


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