Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just wanted to remind all who still wanted to donate leggings to our leggings project that we need them now.  We are getting together to finish sewing and stuffing them on December 6th and they will then we packed and ready to take to the hospital on December 13th.  I haven't counted them since the last time so I am not sure exactly where we are at. I am so thankful for everyone who donated to this project and I know Primary Children's loves it. When Tracker and I were there for his tests a couple weeks ago everyone who we talked to knew about the leggings project and said they always get excited when they see those leggings on one of those kids.
If you have some you would like to donate please get them to me ASAP.
Email me at to get the address to send the leggings to.

Another way to help Primary Children's hospital is to go to the Festival of Trees this year. It runs today through the weekend. I will be going this week. If you don't know what the Festival of Trees is you have to learn about it. We were blessed to have an amazing group of girls decorate a tree in honor of Makenzie in 2010. The tree was incredible and we had some amazing angel buy and donate the tree back to us. Its my favorite. It makes our Christmas so much better. Its Makenzies tree and I cant get enough of it. It makes me so happy to know the money that angel spent on it went to the hospital and is helping families.


Trinity said...

We are gathering to sew our baby legs this Friday. I will email you and we can meet up so I can get our load to you. Thanks so much for allowing others to be part of such a special donation. I am honored to be apart of it. I also know that all those who ordered cook books are absolutely loving them!

Ashley said...

I have some leggings that I would like to send you for the donations. What is the address I should send them to?


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