Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6 years


Ryan took our anniversary off work. We didn't have much planned just wanted to spend the day together. We were lazy most of the day. Other than running to sportsman's warehouse for Ryan we hung at home.  That night we cooked an amazing dinner of lobster, shrimp, noodles and rolls.

This little monster joined us. He bounced by our feet and stayed pretty happy while we chatted and ate.

Its so crazy to me that we have been married 6 years. Its such a short amount of time yet seems like forever. I thank God every day for this amazing man and for putting him in my life. He is the best husband and my very best friend. We watched our wedding video and both had to hold back tears.
Its been a couple years since we watch it. After we couldn't stop talking about 
1. How horribly we are both aging :)
and 2. How innocent we once were. How on that day 6 years ago we never could have understood how much pain we would endure and at the same time how much love we would see.
There was no real plan at that time. We loved each other so we got married.
Never did we think about what life was really about and what struggles we might face.
If nothing else we have learned how little control we have on our lives.
Learning to give up what we have "planned" is making this road so much easier to accept.
No matter what.
The bad and the good.
We have had so much good.
We have had a million smiles, a million laughs, a million kisses.
We are able to go to bed next to our partner each night,
 knowing we are both doing our best to make the other person life better. 
We are in this together.

I love this man.
I love the life he is giving me. I love the past he has carried me through and I look forward to holding his hand every step of the future.


Anonymous said...

Look at the pair of you and this pretty baby.
What do you see ?

It's wonderful. Go on.
Valérie (from France)

Alerie said...

This was a very sweet post. Happy Anniversary!!


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