Monday, November 10, 2008

Just a lil about my hubby part 1

As our anniversary is fast approaching I feel I need to speak a bit about my significant other.
What a man he is! I cant believe 2 little yet amazing years have almost passed since we married. I should prob save this for our Ann. blog but ill do it now- a little preview. Some background on US-
We first meet years ago when I was a wee one! I just moved to my sister Alana and Ben's house. They recently got custody of my jod and I... So it was at church- he was 16 and I was 13. I wont go into much at this time other than the fact I totally fell in love with his devilishly good looks yet quickly got turned away when I found out he was a stuck up jock! I give him a hard time about that all the time. We somewhat got back in touch a few years later but I was in a relationship and NOT interested in him. Years later we started to talk again and after a few months of "begging" I finally agreed to go out with him. Since we have been married Ryan and I have grown up and experienced so much. We have come along way with not only responsibilities and adult life but with each other. We have so much love and dedication to one another I think someone should write a sappy movie. (Ill star in it)
Of course there is not always bed of roses, PS I love you's and Romeo and Juliet's but we work so hard EVERYDAY to capture those little moments that bring you into your real life fairy tale. Our dreams are growing so much- we have so much passion for so many things and we love to share our passions with each other. I am so lucky for my Byan. He is the reason I am me today....

This is my sad attempt to take a cute kissy pic of us.


Esther said...

I like the pictures :) You guys are so cute together! Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Chanse and Janell said...

awwwww! So cute!
Happy Anniversary!!

Meaghan said...

Oh he is handsome! Lucky girl :p

Stopping by to say hi and invite you to this weeks coffee giveaway!

Grand Pooba said...

Sweet! You take pictures like me, I always try to get both of us in the picture but end up getting a forhead or a chin instead.

(Hence my profile pic :)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Anniversary to you and your honey!


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