Thursday, November 6, 2008


I keep putting this off because I HATEEEE political FIGHTS. Debates are one thing but when people are so pig headed they cant look outside of either BLUE or RED or whatever it makes me sick. We are at a time in this world where we need to stick together more than ever! I will not declare my stand on politics because I feel its irrelevant. President Obama is now our president. Whether you like it or not you should have an obligation to respect him. You may or may not agree with his beliefs but what we really need right now is help getting out of the mess our country is in. Over the last year or so with all the politics on TV and the campaigns my biggest thought above all was my brother who is on a daily basis fighting for this country. Not only my brother but I have some very close friends who are also in the military as well as other family. I have had a hard time sitting on the fence throughout the campaign and now that we have our president- I will stand behind him and pray he helps this country. We have so much we should all be grateful for already but there are some other things we need a great leader for. Its scary for all of us to elect a new president. This could mean huge amounts of change and could effect anyone of us personally. I just hope its for the good for everyone! I will stand behind our president because he is our leader right now. When the results came in and McCain and Obama gave their speeches I was really inspired by both parties. Its about unity now. Like Obama said its not about red states or blue states its about the United States!!!!
(Okay sorry if I didn't say that in his exact words)

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