Monday, November 3, 2008

Rewind a bit part 2

I love Halloween- Last year we had a fun little party with a few friends. This year we had a bit of a bigger party with friends and family. It grew a little more even though our living conditions didnt so we were a little squashed into our place but it sure was a blast. I kept losing my camera (I do that alot) mainly because there were to many peeps there but everytime I found it- I kept snaping shots. I wish I would have got everyone and their costume but heres a good amount.

My sisters

Duke and Kathy

Ryan and Kendra

Kely and Khang

Ryans hillarious cousin Noah


Mallie and Justin

Robin and Andrea

Mal and I. I dont know where we were looking or why we were so friendly- Hmm we just really love each other.

Last but NOT least. My baby Harley. She didnt want to wear her cowgirl hat because it kept falling under her neck but she was the most adorable cowgirl around!


Chanse and Janell said...

Kendra!! I'm glad you found me:)
I'll definitely add you to my blog, if you don't mind!

Looks like you had fun as well on Halloween!!!

ML said...

You look gorgeous in your costume! Much more put together than I was...

Robin said...

Hey You!!! the pictures of me and andrea a dorky!!


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