Monday, November 3, 2008

Its Monday- Yes I am Happy

The first Monday in November has arrived!
Fall Fashion
Christmas list
Christmas Shopping
So November is going to be a busy yet amazing month! (cross my fingers) After a Sunday that almost made me jump off a bridge- I am so ready to count by blessings and see all that I have to look forward to this month!
I have to say really quick how awesome my Saturday afternoon was- HELLO! I was reunited with my besty Heidi! We were the bestest of friends for years and years in High School... We had some interesting, sad, hard, amazing, fun times together. After drifting away for a bit of time we started gabbing again like old times about a year ago. WOW.. Its been amazing but she has lived across the country sooo until Saturday we were not able to hang out. We went to Lunch at CPK and then window shopped a bit. It felt like no time had passed. It was awesome! I have missed her so much so It was so much fun to see how much our lives have changed and how much we have grown. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they are doing awesome! WOOHOO....
So my Sunday- Bridge jumping attempt- it was a rainy gloomy day to start out and I usually don't mind but I had to trek out of the house to stock up on grocery's. After an hour and a half of going crazy with finding everything we needed I headed home. Cleaned the kitchen really good- organized (one of my favorite things) then started to open the mail that I have neglected to open all week. In the mist of opening mail I started paying bills and going over our budget for the month of Oct and now the month of Nov. We have known there are 2 big things we are paying for during these 2 months. The first- we live in a town house and although we own it we still pay an HOA for maintenance and such. We learned they are redoing all the roofs and each unit (house/homeowner) needs to pay $1700!!! ahh... BIG HIT... okay okay that's what those savings accounts are for- Then after months of battling with the people who installed our new windows we finally got the bill for our windows- due in full $1800!!! We were somewhat planning for both so we saved a little extra each month so get ready for the big hit. Its a little rough timing having both so close together and on top of that so close to Christmas- oh well- its a sweet little Christmas this year and we are happy and grateful for all we have now :)
As I continue to open the mail- YES my medical bill for going to the ER a little while back came!
Cold, uncomfortable hospital room + a few blood tests + still going home in pain = $850.00
Ahh... So after I realize we are really really running low on our savings yet still thankful its there- Ryan yells to me from the basement... As I walk down stairs I see him throwing our food from the freezer into our laundry basket. What the heck happened?
Our freezer went out!!!! Yes all our food- SO MUCH FROZEN FOOD! Gone.... + our basement then stunk because we didn't notice our food rotting :(
Its Monday- I'm at work... Wondering how all the many things that are coming up will get paid for... WOW--- I am at work-- work-- I am working. How lucky am I to have a great job to come to everyday and know I will get a paycheck within the next 2 weeks. How great it is to know I have a wonderful, healthy, working husband who would do anything to support me. I have family coming from every angle that if something happened would scoop us up in a second! I complain about school but how lucky am I to have the opportunity to not only learn but to go to college. The timing is a bit of a bummer right now for so many things to come up $$ wise but hey- life is awesome. Our Vegas trip next week has already been paid for months ago... We started stashing some cash away for Christmas so at least we can get our family something + I always have to do the Christmas wish tree... ( where you pick a child off a tree and they list what they need/want for Christmas- its amazing to do that every year)
Its great to know I will always give to others because I know I have it pretty great compaired to many. Thanks to all my blogger buds because you help me smile everyday! What a wonderful world we live in and what a wonderful life I have.

Sometimes when I google away or just working online at all and come across pictures I love to save the ones that stand out to me. As I reviewed some that I have saved these are some that made me Thankful for life. They inspire me to become a better person and reach out to others. Ah The little asian girl that is so excited reminds me of my niece Bitna- its my fav. pic by far!!!


Chanse and Janell said...

Kendra! You are awesome, seriously, you have such a great look on life. I would be in pieces right now if I were you! Everything will be okay. You're a great person!:)

Rachel said...

What a sweet and positive person you are. Loved reading your blog. I will be back!

caitlin and brinton said...

Wow- that is a lot to handle. I am so glad you can take a positive approach to it, that's the best way. I am SO jealous you saw Heidi... I've missed her a lot and haven't talked to her since before she moved. Tell her hi for me if you talk to her!


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