Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is laughing good enough?

Its now Thursdee and my anniversary is fast approaching. I was going to be the super best wife and write my hubby a secret love note everyday and make his lunch and cook him breakfast... Well that lasted Monday. I started Monday. I'm a slacker- lets say more a loser! I did pull through last night and after a LONGG night of school I made him pork chops. That makes a good wife right? Okay so ill never be anyones dream of a wife but I keep striving everyday to be better and I have this obsession with being Ms. Full House... Hmm. okay so full house didn't have a women other than Becky who came later in the show but still isn't a head of house holder... Grrr.. Bad example.
well what this post was originally for was to say at least I keep my husband laughing- AT ME- not with me. Seriously I really cant do much but I usually make a full attempt!

This is me trying to be brave in Korea. My nieces talked me into going on this thing and I almost ripped both their arms off and I screamed loud enough the whole park heard me!
We all know Ryan and his Fam. are outdoor-zee. Well I am trying to be. I actually became a pro at catching a fish, unhooking it and caring it back to the group without touching it once! When it comes to gutting it- I guess you have to touch it and as you can see... I'm NOT enjoying it.
I have these weird things that get me soo excited and over joyed. I saw Mr Weenie mobile and couldn't stop following it. I made Ryan chase this thing while I was leaning out the window trying to get its attention. I just had to hear the awesome horn. After about 15 min. we finally caught up to it. Although Ryan was a little peeved I made him get off the freeway and chase it around town when we had somewhere to be, He kept laughing at how happy and excited I was about a silly Weenie mobile.
So Ryan was really getting the aching to camp. I was so busy and didn't want to add camping to that weekend. I felt really bad so I tried to make a mini camping experience outback! Don't you love our little BBQ sitting on our patio table? We roasted mallows and watched the stars! ahh... It was so fun.

While in Vegas Ryan tried to teach me how to make your tough really fat. He does a really good job at it- even though it actually scares me.. Seriously one of the ugliest things I have ever seen but it still makes me laugh. So sitting in the restaurant I was trying soooooo hard. He took like 50 pics of me trying and never succeeded! He was seriously rolling on the ground because I was sooo determined to get it right.
Soo I have decided that even though Im not super wife and I have neglected a few little things I still make the boy laugh so that's better than a super boring wife right?
I hope these pictures don't hurt anyones eyes- I know they are rather frightening to look at but now you see what my hubby sees all the time :)


Tara Bennett said...

I LOVE this post! You are seriously the best wife ever! Laughter is waaaay more important that love notes and breakfast. It's much more memorable! My fave is the campout on your back porch. =)

Chanse and Janell said...

You are so cute Kendra!
I'm always trying to be the best girlfriend, so it's probably a lot tougher trying to be the best wife. I look up to you!
And laughter is always on top of the list!!

caitlin and brinton said...

HAHAHAHAHA- I just heard your laugh, seriously. Even if I haven't seen you in years, seeing you on that swingy thing, I could hear it and I just had to laugh.


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