Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I love Soldiers

Do you know what its like to hug or kiss the one you love and not know if you will ever see them again. Know they are going into an extremely dangerous place with people who WANT to kill them? I couldn't imagine that fear- that pain.
I only could see my brother and his family and know what its like to have your brother leave. I love my brother to death but its not my spouse. The father of my children.
Army Wife's= AMAZING!
I used to work at a bed and breakfast called Armstrong Mansion. I was working one night then again in the morning. These 2 couples check in together (separate rooms :) I talked to them a little in the evening they checked in and one of the couples had a little girl who was not with them that night. As we continued to talk they told me both the husbands were being deployed the next morning to Iraq. Ah my heart sank. One couple who didn't have a child just got married because they both wanted the knowledge they were married before he left. The other couple had just had a baby a few month earlier. They both checked in and had a good night. The next morning I was getting breakfast ready to be done by 6:00 AM like usual and a few minutes after 6 both girls along with the ones baby came in just sobbing. I didn't know they had to be there at 5:00 AM. They had just returned from dropping them off. 1 year they would be gone! The grief and love they both had just over powered me and I just broke down. I couldn't imagine how hard that is for not only those wife's but those husbands leaving worrying everyday if their family was save back home.

I have seen some picture of what some soldiers have seen. Right in front of where they stayed. I have an extreme emotional tie when I see any one in uniform. I get very protective over soldiers and will get a little crazy when I hear anyone talk down on them.
They are my Hero's.
This is why I love soldiers...


Tara Bennett said...

I love soldiers too! And those pictures are!

Trevor and Hilary said...

AMEN!! Great post!

Michelle said...

Hey, I think we can all be grown ups about all that has happened. Email me your email addy and I will send you the invite.

Jared and Laura said...

So true. When I hear stories like that I realize how much I take for granted. That would be so hard. And, to answer your question about nursing, it's really not that bad. Since I work for IHC I really only know how it is with them. New nurses start at about $22 an hour, usually you work about 3 12-hour shifts if you're full-time, but there's a lot of flexibility. There's definitely job security, and it's pretty rewarding.

Rachel said...

Great post. My bro-in law just got back from Iraq. Seeing the pics of him re-uniting with his 1 1/2 year old son was beautiful. I can't even imagine if that were my husband.


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