Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here we come Vegas

I am so excited that its Thursday you don't even understand. Usually Thursdays are my worst day because I always think its Friday but soon realize I have one more day to go.. BUT today I am just too excited because Ryan and I are going to VEGAS! Whoohooo.... I was thinking this will be our first trip alone. WHAT... So we have been to California, Vegas, Korea however its always been with friends, family or to visit family. This time we are going ALONE. This is going to be a very skimpy trip simply because $$ is tight right now- WHO CARES. We have plans to just wonder around, see the funny Vegas peeps and enjoy a drink or to. This will also give me a change to gamble legally! I will only be on the penny machine and with maybe 10 Penny's but hey- what a treat for me. Maybe ill win millions then go buy the L.A.M.B shoes I have been dreaming of since last year when I spotted them! We go to Vegas every year this time to attend the PBR finals! For those who don't know
PBR= Professional Bull Rider Click Here!
Ryan is completely obsessed with COWBOY anything. Part of his family is from down south- Ryan thinks he is a cowboy :) Or wishes he was. He has always dreamed of going to the PBR and the first year we were dating- I got him PBR tickets for his birthday! We have been hooked ever since. Its only a 3 year tradition right now but it will continue for FOREVER!! We only go for the weekend and each year its been awesome. The entertainment at the PBR is so fun, the people you see there are great and then your in VEGAS. What else could you want? Our 2 year anniversary is 1 week from Sunday. This will be our little getaway for our anniversary.

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Chanse and Janell said...

Have fun in Vegas lady!! Win some big bucks!!!!!!


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