Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Goodbye... part 1 of 2... or more...

Goodbye, 70 degree weather, buffets galore, strange yet hilarious folk, shopping, gross mirror hotel room, dirty streets, scary high speed chases, lack of sleep- VegasHello, rain, cold, work, school, homework, home cookin, Harley, soft CLEAN bed, long hot bath, milk- HOMEBack from Vegas.. We had tons of fun yet we are sooo happy to be home. Yes its always a great get-a-way yet somethings you can see too much. Like dirty hotel rooms, gross food and almost getting killed in a high speed chase. Okay no we were not running from the cops but someone else did and they crashed right in front of us! ahh...
Here is a little Vegas Tour...

Here is our scary mirror room! Get your mind out of the gutter- It was scary not fun. It was very unsettling feeling like someone was watching me sleep :)

Love old signs like this- its the fun Pepsi men!

Some website written in the sky

The celing of the Belagio! Ah this hotel was really pretty but not as INCREDIBLE as I thought it would be. I like the Wynn better.

We stayed at the Tropicana. It was not the nicest hotel but it had the best swimming pool and water falls EVERWHERE!

So we drove down Friday night- Getting there around 8 PM. Checked in and immidiatly got conned out of $40 from some time share gang. This guy talked so fast and so crazy that I lost the $40 without even knowing what was going on. As I finally got out of his crazy grasp Ryan was like are you serious- what was that? We both walked away feeling like fools and confused- At least we learned to stay away from those vest peeps at the beginning- we were dogging them the rest of the weekend! So after we got into our room and settled a bit we headed the streets. We hung around the MGM for a bit then came back over the the Tropicana to lose some more money- in the slots this time. Around midnight we started heading back to our room when we saw Karaoke!!! Hello- Midnight in Vegas with the drunks doing Karaoke. So we sat around for a few more hours laughing or tails off. I thought of going up there but Im more of a dancer than a singer so I thought- umm.. Not drunk enough to sing but if a dance version of Karaoke starts ill be all over it.
The next morning we headed to the streets-

Vegas could use more of these all over the city! My feet swelled up after our first day.

Wondered around the Bellagio-

They had this new car that they are coming out with on display! It was awesome. Had everything from night vision to bullett proof. The back looked like a living room! I want one- and it starts with a K so there is K stuff all over it- It was made for ME>

Ryan order this regular burrito and MONSTER burrito came out. It scared me a little.

This is a cool pic but Ryan was really looking at these scary crime scene peeps under that decor bridge thing cleaning up something in the H2O.

Got ourselves some drinks that lasts pretty much all day! I love Coyote Ugly Bar. I got mine in a super cool boot- Ya know sporting the PBR. Ry got his in a football. Sportin- SPORTS!

After our long walk I needed to spoil myself with some new shades. Yes these are the new thing! I think they are totally ME. Doesn't Ryan look like a clown. HAHA.. you have to be something special to get away with these bad boys.

After our fun shoppin day we run off to the PBR


caitlin and brinton said...

SO jealous!!! It looks like you had so much fun! I always say I hate Vegas, but once I get there I end up loving it! Cute pictures.

Tara Bennett said...

OH MY! Your trip looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous!

Amanda "You'd Better Fucking Believe It" Best said...

It has been years! I'm so glad you found my blog! I'm glad you like it.
Oh, Vegas. One of my guilty pleasures. I love it down there, despite the filth. It's all just so exciting! : ) Hope you had fun on your trip!


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