Tuesday, November 11, 2008

101 random facts...

101 extremely random things you've always wanted to know about me...but probably not. It's a fun writing project for those who want to increase self awareness and add to their personal history!
Enjoy...When you have the time of course!

1. I love the smell of clean laundry.
2. I was born with extreme eczema- gross I know!
3. I could sleep on new sheets every night
4. I have a secret obsession at work with new pens! It gets me in trouble
5. I only like cookbooks with pictures of every recipe and wish all restaurants had a picture of each item 6. I secretly want to be a bull rider in the PBR
7. I love the fall
8. I hate a messy house but that doesn't keep me from having one.
9. I have a weird love for frozen peas and milk (not together)
10. I don’t really like Chocolate
11. I’m a sucker for chick flicks and teen movies
12. I hate cake
13. I don’t swim very good and I used to be a lifeguard
14. I am extremely outgoing and spontaneous- when you get to know me- at first I’m shy
15. I worry too much about what others think and really worry about saying things that will hurt other people’s feelings...but still do unintentionally at times.
16. I have a new found love of cooking with onions and many other seasonings
17. I have such a desire to move out of Utah
18. My husband will probably die before he moves out of Utah
19. I used to have summer carnivals in my back yard for the kids in the neighborhood.
20. No matter what major I have chosen this week I usually always go back to being an elementary school teacher 20. I want to be a wedding planner
21. I dyed my hair black then dark brown in high school
22. I love fake nails but probably won’t ever get them again because I always break them off
23. I can’t get enough of my nieces and nephews- all 16 of them: Mina, Kailum, Tyler, Yuna, Ellie, Aidan, Devlin, Kian, Olivia, Bitna, Amalie, Anna, Sarah, Donna, Teagan, Lucy 24. I HATE SPIDERS- well ANY BUG!
25. I love to organize. After I organize I like to re-organize the same thing
26. I have the nose of a hound dog
27. I have a weakness in saving money in our regular savings account! I like investing my money but my husband is the exact opposite.
28. I really enjoy camping and all of the preparation but stink at unpacking after it's over.
29. I buy old things thinking ill revamp them and never find time so they end up back in the trash
30. I collect too much "potentially useful" stuff as a result. Slowly but surly I'm getting better at this 31. I am never satisfied on my decor. I am always repainting, re decorating, buying new furniture. I have yet to find what I love. It has resulted into a closet full of rugs, lamps, picture frames and other specific “colored” decor.
32. I’m so happy that I’m becoming closer to my sisters now that I’m older
33. I love to be surprised
34. I don’t eat crusts. I cut them off any kind of bread!
35. I can’t wait to graduate
36. I have dislocated my jaw
37. I have broken my nose more times than I can remember- I know of 5
38. When I was 9 I fell of the high dive at Steiner Rec. center backward and landed on the cement on my head! I’m still alive!
39. I wish I could shop for a living
40. If I could learn one thing today that I can know for the rest of my life it would be PATIENCE
41. I miss my little brother so much I hurt when I think about him. I sometimes feel he is the only one in my life who really knows me.
42. I was in foster care
43. I love reading but usually get half with through a book and stop reading it.
44. I have plans to get plastic surgery when I get older
45. I wish I could go all organic
46. I want to be a stay at home Mom
47. I love cleaning most things
48. I love to travel. I have been to Germany and Korea
49. I have very emotional dreams. I laugh hysterically, cry out of control and get ANGRY. I usually have to lie in bed and tell myself my dreams were not real.
50. I would rather be to busy than have nothing to do
51. I feel like I neglect my friends and family to often
52. I love to learn but hate going to school
53. I love collecting new recipes and trying them out
54. My dream job is to be Ariel at Disneyland
55. I love being ALONE with my husband
56. It's not uncommon for me to have to wash a load of laundry 2 or 3 times because I forget about it and it gets that wet musty clothes smell
57. I am very clumsy and tend to fall down a lot 58. We are known in our neighborhood as “the people with the dog”
59. I would love to have a big ranch but only if I can have it in the middle of the city
60. I am a victim of road rage
61. I have been pulled over many times for speeding but I have never received a ticket of any kind
62. I am extremely self conscious and I wish I could see myself different
63. I love watching my DVR’d full house
64. I wish I was a better photographer
65. I love looking at the stars
66. My husband can make me smile when I’m in the worst moods simply by mooing like a cow- he does it sooo cute
67. I feel guilty if I don’t give every homeless person some money when I walk by
68. I hate sandwiches- the thought of them makes me sick
69. My husband would say I’m a little controlling- just a little
70. I bite the inside of my lip when I’m anxious
71. I want to be a Mother Theresa in this world. I want to make a BIG difference.

72. I have never been to a spa
73. I do Dream Dinners- It is just like My girlfriends Kitchen
74. I used to work for a sno shack- those were the days when I couldn indulge myself in free sno cones all day
75. I will open a boutique one day
76. I am a beauty school drop out
77. My floors seriously cant be cleaned enough
78. I cant ever find anything in my purse
79. i used to drink a cup of coffee every morning while listening to my radio show but now I have switched to apple cider
80. My morning radio is always turned to 97.1
81. I have a set dinner menu every month
82. I love dressing up for Halloween
83. My cousin married Ms. Utah
84. I check my bank account every day
85. I like to put my wedding dress on from time to time...
86. The only meat in my house is venison (deer meat)
87. I love to put together spreadsheets about anything and everything. Even when it’s for things that are year’s out- ex: I have a HUGE spreadsheet for our future baby. I have priced out everything from cribs to bottles. I update it often- I know I’m a weirdo!
88. I love to run
89. I hate having plants in my house- I don’t have time to take care of them
90. I make great Chicken Cordon Blu from scratch- I’m a good cook
91. I have never known one of my Grandpas but I’m in love with my husbands Grandpas
92. I love playing soccer and hope to join a co-ed team with my husband soon
93. I love to cuddle
94. I idolize my Mother and sister in law for their craftiness and work habits- and their Mother abilities. (ok- didn't say that right)
95. My nieces and nephew are like therapy for me. Esp Devlin and Teagan
96. I have a very hard time making sure I clean my windows
97. My car is where I live M-F. I have work out clothes, work clothes, regular clothes, food, and everything in between. I cant keep that thing clean
98. I have serious panic attacks
99. I have a few extremely close friends that I would trust- A VERY SMALL FEW
100. I love to go Christmas shopping
101. I hate fighting

So that's a little about ME. What about you? I tag everyone who reads this. A great way to get out all those little quirks about you and share them.


ML said...

I definitely don't think you need plastic surgery. You look fabulous without it! :)

Tara Bennett said...

WOW I love knowing all those things about you! I am so with you on most of them, it's ridiculous. I'm so glad I've been able to get to know you through your blog, it's so much fun. And yes we need to get together. You should seriously just call me because Oby and Ryan either don't call when they say they're going to or don't tell us when they get a message or, well I don't know what they do or don't do, but it's not working out for them to be in charge of setting up our get together. So call me! 209-0096.

Also, I gave you an award on my blog, so go check it out!


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