Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly Roundup: week 21

 .Braved a bad snow storm just to test out some car seats and walkers
.and to see our Kenzie
.Took 2 hours to get home . eek .
. hid in pillows while Mum got ready . laughing and talking the whole time .
.doesn't like playing while laying down anymore
.Likes to sit with assistance or in the bumbo
.Found his feet and wont let them go
.Learned how to blow with his tongue and will mimic when we do it to him
.Tells me stories pretty much all day long
.Re-introduced solids . oatmeal & carrots .
.Decided sleeping is over rated again this week and would much rather be awake in your arms giggling
.For the first time this week when his Dad walked in the door he leaned into him and when Ryan took him he wouldn't stop snuggling into his chest and neck. It was the cutest thing ever. Ryan just stood there for over 20 minutes with Tracker just pulling away looking at him and smiling then burying his face in him again. He kept giving him kisses as well. Completely melted my heart.
.Still leaning in for kisses (wide mouth) when you say give me a kiss
.Is so attentive with every noise around him
.Doesn't like loud or sudden noises . we cant do dishes around him .
.Slowly getting better at taking his naps in his crib
.Doesn't like the swing or his bouncer anymore
.Likes his bouncing horse if you are there playing with him but don't leave him alone
.Loves our cell phones and loves when we turn the camera so he can see himself
.Grandma Diane, Aunt Alana and Aunt Jill came to snuggle this week
.Loves watching Harley
.Thinks the cute little girl I babysit is very interesting and just stares at her
.Still not taking a bottle very good which hasn't really been an issue
.Starting to get a double chin
.Hung out at home most of the week

January 27
140 days old

January 28
141 days old

January 29
142 days old

January 30
143 days old

 January 31
144 days old

February 1
145 days old

February 2
146 days old



Trinity said...

I love the stage that he is at now. They are so fun when they truly begin to interact. He is simply adorable.

Paige said...

I love how you document each week. I wish I would have done this when my little one was born. Maybe next time around :)


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