Monday, July 28, 2008

a much needed get-a-way

Sometimes when you have a long week you just need to get away! Ryan and I decided to pack up and head down to the cabin to just get away from the heat, laundry and city. It rained quite a bit there but it was still a blast being down there just the 2 of us-well 3 including Harley. We rode the 4wheelers for hours and hours. It was Harley's first time riding since last year and he loved it. She sat in front of me and held on the best she can. I tried to be calm but come on- I'm on a 4wheeler I have to go over some huge rocks and drive really fast! Ryan did a little 4wheeling with his truck. Its a all black truck with black rims but as you can tell it was now a lovely shade of brown! This pictures doesn't do justice as to how dirty this thing really was. There are deer all over the place down there and usually the same ones keep coming to our cabin for a drink.

Ryan cant wait for hunting season to start. Just 3 more weeks and he will be down there every weekend through September. Then it will start to snow to much down there so he will be hunting the Wasatch front every weekend until Dec. I wont be able to go back down to the cabin this year since my schedule is already packed! Full time work, Full time School, Devlin and Teagan, Family Reunions and plenty more to keep me busy :) At least when Ryan goes down there I know that means lots of play dates with my sisters and friends. My family is already starting to plan my big 21 birthday party! 28 days!

(Harley got into the fireplace and somehow got 2 little black dots by her eyes. It looked pretty funny)


Tara Bennett said...

That looks like the PERFECT getaway, just my style! Harley is so stinkin cute I can hardly believe it.

Candy said...

HEads up.

New blog.

read. enjoy. blog stalk me. whatever. It missed you too.



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