Thursday, July 24, 2008


So Ryan and I are in love with country! I am in love with cowboys! Ryan's dream is to be a bull rider. He is going to be taking classes this next year and he just cant wait. Well we have made a tradition to go to the PBR finals in Vegas every year. Its always the last week of Oct and first week of Nov. We already have our tickets and cant wait! Whenever the PBR (any series) comes through Utah we always go. This year it was during the Days of 47 Rodeo. We had such a blast. We had great seats on the 4Th row on the floor. We could almost touch the bulls :)

So here are some great pictures. My cowboys to the left some awesome bull riding above and this one guy was amazing with his horses and buffa-LO. They would do all these tricks just by his howls and cracking of his whip. They were turning in circes on his trailer and running one way or the other. It was awesome and he is a TRUE cowboy- AHH!

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