Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Bday Beehive

Happy 24Th of July!
My Mom loves to get tickets for the Bees game every year and invites all who will want to come. Since she started my sister Kristianne and I have gone EVERY YEAR! We have a lot of fun watching the game, pigging out on snow cones and dippin dots, people watching and finally enjoying the fireworks. We had so much fun hanging out together- until the fireworks show when both Kristianne and I got a dumb ash fall into our eye ball! I swear I almost went blind. I was panicking. It was burning and I almost called 911! Okay Ryan thought I was getting a little out of hand but that's usually how I am.
Cute Cute OliviaJust Ryan and KendraKristianne and OliviaFunny Faces Mom and Jesse

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