Monday, July 7, 2008

I love my Freedom!

Happy 4Th of July!

I want to first thank every troop out there for all the hard and dedicated work you all do for us everyday to keep our freedom. To give us a day like July 4Th to celebrate. I am lucky enough to have an amazing brother who diligently serves our country everyday and risks his life for everyone of us! I see his pictures and heard his words while in Iraq and cant believe how strong all those men and women are over there. Everywhere- Not just Iraq but every military base in the world! I have a few other close friends who also served and I'm speechless of the things they see and do on a daily basis. You are all truly angels. I cant find enough words to express how truly grateful I am for each and everyone of you! It really takes a hero to be a solider!

Thank You and I love you all!

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