Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To RYAN!

I am a big slacker of a wife and don't have any pictures of my amazing husband to post- OOPS.
Ill get some loaded within the next few days :)
July 20 1984 was the day this world was changed for forever because Sir Ryan Webster was born! Oh my prince charming! I could fill this blog along with a few more blogs about how lucky I am to not only know someone like Ryan but be married to Ryan. He is more than I could have ever asked for. Since the day we got married Ryan continues to surprise me with his love. He is so understanding with all the issues I have and all the problems I face on a daily basic. He was never an affectionate person. He did not share his feelings and he likes his space. Oh can I be anymore the opposite! Ryan is always holding me extra longer, sending me a letter, calling just because and showering me with complements. I don't know how I have flipped this boy around but I think its simply because he is such a loyal and devoted husband. Ryan demonstrates how great of a father he is going to be when we have Devlin and Teagan. He loves them so much and will do anything for them.
Last year I had a huge surprise party for Ryan (cowboy themed) haha... We had so many people over and such a huge bash that we decided to play it a little low key this year. Friday night we went out with his good friends from work for dinner. Saturday we went shopping for bday presents and a new outfit then headed off to the PBR. Grandma Diane watched baby Harley while we headed off to the Little America. It was so fun ordering room service, movies and staying up late. After we got a late check out we headed home for our family pool and pizza party. Ryan got some great gifts from his family and mine. He is so spoiled :)
Ill make sure to get some pictures of the birthday boy himself soon!

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