Monday, July 28, 2008

Its different world when your a kid!

I love the sound of children playing. Running, jumping, carefree kind of life. I remember having those days every now and again. Usually with my sister Donette. I don't think she ever really grew up. We would eat spaghetti o's, watch Ren and Stimpy, hike, camp at the "red rocks" and of course keeping the camera close by. I dreamed of the days I would get to see my sister. Those were the special weekends when I would live in a different world. I could be a kid. I had great brothers and sisters who would let me be young. I didn't have to think like a grown up and make sure I was always saying the right things. I learned very young when I could say certain things and when I should say what he wanted to hear. A big reason I feel like I'm 2 different people is because I am not like I was then. For those of you close to me know- can you imagine telling me to feel a certain way or not say something. UMM- I don't think so! Most of the people in our neighborhood don't care to much for us. We don't go to church and we have a loud dog! The kids however love to come to our house. We get out the pool and slip-n-slide and they play for hours. We have come to know the kids pretty well so we know who they belong to and where they live so we try our best to go out of our way to get to know their families to. (Mainly because their kids hang around our place so much) Every now and again I get a few great shots of the kids playing. I love it and could sit and watch them for hours.

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