Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Be Careful!

So I had a wake up call on Monday afternoon!
I don't take lunches very often because I get pretty busy at work but I decided to meet my Mallory for lunch. Running late anyway I was trying to hurry and get there driving at record speed for down town SLC. We were going to met at the Bakery which is on 300E and 300S. I was stopped at a red light only blocks from my destination watching this older women cross the street with her little walker. My mind was running on all the things that I need to do today and feeling over whelmed when in a split second another car made a left hand turn across the street and ran over this little old lady! Her walker went flying prob. 30 feet and I quickly searched the street to see where this lady was. She was laying on the ground shaking back and forth. The driver of the car that hit her jumped out and ran over to her. I shoved my car in park in the middle of the street and jumped out running over to her. I started to cradle her back so that she would fall over more. Blood was pouring out of her head blocking her vision. A few other people came running over and we all kept trying to talk to her. She wouldnt respond and kept looking at us like we were crazy nuts and wondering what just happened. I was so worried at first because she wouldn't say anything. I finally got her to sit down on her butt but I worried that the 100 degree pavement would burn her. Everyone kept shouting not to move her not to move her. She finally spoke and asked for some water. I ran to grab her some water from my car not knowing she shouldn't drink if she has a head injury. Don't worry though a nice lady screamed and threw the water bottle back at me telling me she cant drink anything. We all helped apply pressure to her head and a few other people held a blanket to shield her from the sun. The paramedics were there withing probably 5 minutes. They snatched her up and drove her away. I had to spend another 15 minutes filling out a police report before I was finally off to meet Mallory.
For the rest of the day I kept thinking about this lady. I prayed she would be fine and I think she is but how scary a simple mistake can be. It really made me realize I need to be more careful not only driving on the main roads but esp in my neighborhood. I have so many little kids running around all day that it could be so easy to accidentally hit one of them. I really don't think I could live with myself if I did that either. AHH... What a scary reality check!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that is so scary. you are so nice to stop and help

Esther said...

Wow Kendra, what a sad thing to see! I hope she is okay too!


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