Friday, July 11, 2008


Well for all the things I was going to do differently yesterday- well I'm sad to say I didn't do near as well as I wish I would have. Yesterday was not the best day so I failed in a few departments!
These are the things I DID do:
-I was not crazy in traffic!
-I got my husband a card and thanked him for letting me have a girls party
-I thanked God
-I kept a smile on my face even if it was forced
-I was grateful it was Thursday-NIGHT
So I failed to walk my poor dog, I didn't make dinner instead we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, I didn't stay up late watching the stars I actually stayed up late cleaning and doing laundry, It wasn't the emails that kept me busy it was the "issues", I had only a few neg thoughts in my head. So today and this weekend will be better! It was just one of those days!
Today has already started out as a wonderful day! I got up at 5 AM to start getting ready so I could talk to my brother Ben on our web cam at 6 AM. As I logged on I couldn't help but shack with anticipation to see my brother for the first time on our new web cam! I was worried he wouldnt be on but-He was logged on! woohoo.. I got to see my nieces, Ben and MyungLim. Ah it was so great to hear them and see them but It made me sick how much I miss them. Ryan and I just bought a new computer for the simple fact that I NEEDED to start seeing my brother! So we got a very nice laptop with a camera built in! They all looked so big and cute. My chubby little Donna was not so chubby anymore, she was thin! Well thin for those girls :) My brother has healthy babies! Ah my nieces are so beautiful. I have already called Ryan and told him we are starting to plan our next trip to see them. I don't care how much it cost I'm going next year! haha... We have actually been talking about maybe going again for Christmas next year. I think ill try to stay 2 weeks and Ryan will only stay 1. Oops maybe I should ask my brother if we are even welcome :) Love you BEN!!! I'm coming whether you like it or not!
So for this weekend Ill start doing better today at staying positive we have Devlin and Teagan so we will be very busy. I think we are going to try and take them to a water park- Well take Devlin. Teagan and I will hang out under a tree or something :)

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Jared and Laura said...

You're so cute...I too find myself picking apart my days to determine what I did right, what I did wrong, etc.. But sometimes it's nice to just let loose, eat out, etc...everyone needs a break sometimes.


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