Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just for today!

Just for today...
- Ill let 2 people over in traffic instead of 1
- I will sit back and drive the speed limit instead of trying to get to work in record time
- I will go out of my way to buy my husband a card thanking him for letting me have a girls party last night and keeping my dog and himself out of the house
- There will not be a negative thought about anyone run through my head
- I will make a very healthy dinner that both my husband and I will actually eat :)
- The amount of emails that come in will not keep me from asking everyone who walks by my desk how they are doing
- The pressure of the future will not drive me crazy
- I will thank God every chance I get for all my blessings
- Ill send 2 letters to my brother Jonathan
- I will take my dog for a nice long walk and enjoy just being able to do that
- Ill keep a smile on my face until my checks hurt
- I will stay up late to watch the sun go down and see the stars come out instead of gluing myself to the tube
- Ill be grateful its still Thursday
I'm breaking out of the mold today. I have decided to make some small changes just for today. I think everyone should try this and tell me what you think!

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