Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Devlin and Teagan

We had a fun weekend with Devlin and Teagan. We were very busy and lets just say Kendra never slept. Teagan is a great baby though! Devlin had a hard weekend. He is a 5 year old and doesn't want rules and being told No. Poor guy shed to many tears but Kendra usually joined right in with him. Devlin has his own room but didn't want to sleep in there this weekend. He had to sleep where ever Kendra and Ryan were. Teagan is a typical 2 month old and wakes up a few times through the night so Kendra slept down stairs with Teagan and Devlin while Ryan got a good night rest with Harley in our bed. We didn't go to a water park but we did take Devlin to Kangaroo Jump which is a great bounce house place. He had a great time jumping, flipping and running! We also got a slip and slide this summer and Devlin loves it. Ryan got a great idea to make it more slippery and put dish soap all over it! Devlin flew over the end a few times. It was so much fun to have these kids even when its not always the easiest :)

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Tara Bennett said...

Your niece and nephew are SO lucky to have you guys as aunt and uncle. You guys are amazing with those little ones!


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