Thursday, June 2, 2011

Between now and Labor Day!

20- The number of birthdays in our immediate family within the next 3 months

19-  The number of months our downstairs roomie J has been living with us! Which will end this month as she is moving on to her own apartment.
18 - Of July that will be the day my baby girl turns 2!
17- The number of panic attacks I have had in the last hour. Seriously my stress level has reached an all time high!

16- Of August is the day I will be throwing a baby shower for our new nephew!
15-  The amount of new recipes I have found online that I want to try.
14- The number of hours it will take me to finish laundry this weekend. I have let it go far to long.
13- x2 1/2 is the age Ryan will be turning in July! 27!
12- x2 is the age I will be turning in August! 24!
11- The number of weekends we have something planned from now until Labor Day.
10 - The number of weeks left in the Summer semester... I have once again found total lack of motivation in school. I am not loving my classes even though they are rather easy and fun.
9- The number if times I hope I can make it to the Farmers Market this year. I want some fresh veggies. That's 3 times a month. But based on the amount of weekends we have booked I don't see this happening.
8- The number of days I'm giving the sun to please come out so I can play! I need a tan! I'm going to get cranky.
7- The number of weeks left until the fundraiser in July!!! Which by the way is coming along... But very slowly! I have had a hard time really getting on top of everything. I think I'm still tired from last year. I'm excited for it but just running out of ideas and trying not to break the bank like we did last year. We have all the entertainment booked and ready to go! I hope many of you from Utah can make it. July 22. Concert in the park. But its much more than a concert. We will have Polynesian dancers as well as lots of other entertainment. You will definitely want to come!
6- The number of weekends we have planned down at the cabin this summer. 
5- The number of boxes I have packed up in the last week to get our house a little more clutter free. Its so bare and looking more and more not like our home but we are just hoping and praying someone else wants it for their home soon. Seriously 6 months. I know that's not a long time in this market but I'm very impatient and I'm so ready to be out of there.

4- The number of couches we have sold in our 4 years of living in our house. Yes 4 couches! We managed to sell our big sectional and just bought a nice regular size couch. We still need to break it in. Not extremely comfy yet.
3- The number of individuals in my little family - Ryan-Kendra-Makenzie- who's birthdays all fall pretty much within 1 month of each other. Ah its expensive this time of year!
2- The number of trips planned to Pocatello this summer. I hope we can add another!
1- The number of camo bikinis I have donated to the DI in the last week. It was a sad day but a needed one. Who in the world let me buy that thing? Seriously Ryan?!

For just a little update on our crazy busy life.
We are still here. Still moving. and still having fun.
So many things coming up. I need to hire an assistant.


Tiffany said... are a DOLL!!! Come hang out with me!!! we can panic together! :)

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog a few months ago while reading kellie staats blog and it became my favorite blog,i lost you a month ago when my mom took her laptop on vacation where i have your link saved under my favorites,so tonight i gave me the mission to find you :),i've cried so much reading your story i still cry everytime i read it,you are so good expressing yourself and so good at taking pictures,i can feel every word in it,I have 2 boys and just the thought of going through what you did kills me inside,I'm so sorry you have to do it,Kenzie is a beautiful angel,you are a lucky momma,you are a very strong person and I look up to you :) XOXO

AJ and Cindy said...

I loved this post, so clever and cute. and you guys really are busy! Love it! We will be coming to the fundraiser in July and are so looking forward to it!! :)


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