Monday, June 6, 2011

The start of the birthday extravaganzas!

Brother in law + Nephews Birthday = A drive up Weber Canyon for Birthday Dinner

The girls obviously drove with us. That is 4 girls & Ryan in a little car with Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez blaring (Funny combo right?)
Don't feel to bad for him. He was dancing and singing along with us.

As we were driving up the canyon and I was getting little to no laughs out of the back seat and was feeling rather bad about myself. It was crickets and awkward stares when I was rocking out but as soon as Ryan moved as much as fixing his hair they were rolling around in laughter. It made me wonder if I'm cool anymore?
Seriously. When are you no longer cool? What age is that? I'm not talking about when you are a parent and when are you no longer cool in your kids eyes. That's bound to happen. I have accepted that. But when are you no longer cool to your nieces and nephews? When are you just a weird adult trying waaayy to hard to get their approval? I guess I have reached that stage. I know they love me. I mean I buy their love with gifts, movies, treats and barbies. I guess that doesn't last for forever.

If you ever drive up Weber canyon you have to stop at Taggarts Grill. This is only the second time Ryan and I have been and we have loved it both times.

We didnt leave without some amazing dessert. Seriously. Look at these things! Yummy.

Birthday Family!

I think their mascot or something is the Peacock. They have at least one living on their property. We finally saw it as we were leaving. It was screaming at us from the roof.

The drive there and back was so pretty. The mountains are so green its amazing.

Well 2 down - 18 to go!
Let the Birthday fun continue!


Alana said...

Thank's for celebrating with us! We love you guys. You know that my girlies love you, poor Jill was mad the other night when she had my kids and all they asked was "where is Kendra?". They just need to warm up to crazy Aunt Kendra's dancing and singing, you have to let them get warmed up before you get crazy! HaHa! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! and I am from Morgan so the latest on Taggarts Grill brought me home! Taggarts Grill is very yummy and there pink sugar cookies are the best!


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