Monday, June 20, 2011

Makenzie's Dad

702 days ago you became a Daddy.
You helped me through all the loveliness of labor.
You watched as she took her first breath.
You touched her face.
You kissed her.
You held her.
She was yours.

You have been the best Daddy for 702 days.
I couldn't imagine someone else being hers.
I couldn't imagine someone else filling these shoes even close to as amazing as you.
You have not been given an easy road. You have not been given the dream. You were given some extremely horrible challenges that no one should ever have to face.  I'm sorry you are living through your second Fathers Day without your baby to hold. I'm sorry she isn't here. I would do anything to give her to you.
I would do anything to give you that life again.
She loves you. More than she loves anyone.
You are her hero, her best friend, her protector.
You made her laugh. You could make her stop crying. You could hold her the right way.
I'm so proud of you.  You have become the most amazing man. You are the best person I have ever known.
Thank you for being such an amazing Dad. Thank you for loving our little girl.
Thank you for giving her the world, even now that she is not in it.
I know she is with you all the time. I know you have a very special relationship with her.
I know she is just as anxious to be with you as I know you are to be with her again.
Makenzie Loves You.

I love you Ryan. Happy Fathers Day to my definition of the perfect Daddy- You.


crystal said...

That is so sweet!!! Prayinf for you and Ryan!!! You guys are great parents. I see the love that you have for Kenzie and all the others kids :)

Emma said...

Beautiful post Kendra! I know Kenzie was hugging Ryan extra tight and sweet yesterday and I hope you both felt her presence. I know she is so proud of you both, and Ryan, I know she is so proud to be your little girl. She has taught you both so much already, will continue to I know, but she was also so lucky to have you. A Daddy who held her, loved her, was by her side and spoke for her when she couldn't...through things no father should have to see/do....but you did, out of love, every second of her life-and I have no doubt she continues to feel it!!
Thinking of you, Em

Alerie said...

This was so sweet!! Happy Father's Day Ryan!!

Anonymous said...

AAhhh. A daddy's love....there's nothing like it. I only "kinda" know how hard things are for you right now....the missing, the dashed hopes, the looking into the future without her. After all, our kids are supposed to be our future, right. But I truly believe someday, all things will be made perfect. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ryan today......everyday... that you will be able to live your dreams. I know you are doing your very best to make Kenzie proud of you. Keep doing that for her and for each other. I love you and Ryan. Hugs ((( ))) Aunt Mary

Jenni said...

What a sweet tribute to an amazing man. You two are blessed to have each other. :)

Sarah and Desmond said...

You both are amazing parents!
Kenzie is absolutey beautiful and was extremely lucky to be YOUR daughter.
Please let me know what I can do to help spread the word about SMARD. My seven year old daughter was born with cCMV, congenital cytomegalovirus, I also volunteer to spread the word about this deadly virus.
My prayers are with you and Ryan daily.


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