Sunday, December 16, 2012

3 months

3 month Tracker:


Height23.5 inches
Clothes- Has grown out of some 0/3 month clothes and is starting to fit into 3/6 month jammies
 but the majority of what he wears is 0/3 month.
Diaper- Size 1 or 1/2 from costco

Other than a night here or there Tracker is really getting into nighttime routine.
He gets a bath every other night. Then its lotion, jammies, food and a story.
He is out usually between 9-10pm. I try to make sure he is still awake when I lay him down and he usually is. He lays there for a bit and then drifts off to sleep. He is never fussy when I put him in there at night. He sleeps until sometime between 3-4am. Eats. Then is back to sleep until 6-7am where is eats again. Some days he will go back to sleep but he usually is up for the day around that time.

This babe is still a very good eater. It’s been a couple weeks I have gone off dairy to help his tummy issues. For the most part I have no dairy but its sooo hard to cut it out completely. I will be eating something and not even realize there is dairy in it (i.e.: bread)
He seems to be doing a little better in the fussy/screaming department. He still has his moments but its not every single night like it was. I am not sure if it’s because of the dairy or he is starting to grow out of it. Ah it’s all so hard to figure out.  anyway. He is still eating pretty much every 3 hours but I have been much more relaxed on this. If he is hungry before that 3 hour mark. Ill feed him. If he doesn’t seem super hungry at that 3 hour mark ill wait. but for the most part it’s about every 3 hours in the morning and starting around 2-3 he is much hungrier so he eats closer to every 2 hours the rest of the evening. 
He still gets 1-2 formula bottles a day and he gets them when he wants them. Its kind of funny because he tells me when. He won’t nurse. He pulls away and screams. I try and try and he keeps doing that. I make a bottle and he downs it in a few seconds. Then he is fine to nurse the next feeding. It’s strange but it’s working for us. If he will nurse every feeding we will do that instead so there have been a few days we have cut out bottles completely but for the most part he is drinking 4-6oz bottles 1-2 times a day. His formula is soy as well.

Bath time, sitting up on my shoulder, being bounced, having his back or butt tapped, being tickled, when we laugh with him, playing patty cake, being sung to, getting his diaper changed, kicking his legs and swinging his arms, watching harley, looking at the tree, talking, watching mickey mouse, watching football, when his daddy talks to him, swatting at toys in front of him, his binky, being burped, getting kisses from his mum.

Being alone, when you put him down, loud noises, when harley barks, when he is in his car seat, when its to cold, when his formula bottles are not warm enough, if he cant eat fast enough, if he is not near his Mum, when he gets passed around to much, tummy time.

He loves having his swaddle blankets close to his face. He rubs his face back and forth into it when he is especially sleepy. 
When he is sleepy he is also starting to rub his eyes. It’s the cutest thing but sometimes he is a bit rough.
He sleeps with his arms up over his head still. He is flat on his back and hardly moves all night.
He smiles all the time and talks even more. It’s the cutest thing ever. He will talk back when you ask him questions and makes the best coo sounds. 
His tongue is always moving. He sticks it out, lets it hang out and tries to grab it.
He likes when his Dad growls at him. He thinks it’s hilarious.
He has laughed several times.  
He follows me like a hawk. He doesn’t like to lose sight of me.
He is definitely a mum's boy right now.
He likes to look at his Dads Deer and pet it. Ryan is all about exposing him to his future starting now.
He is a great pooper. Usually having a blow out or 2 every day with lots of other messes in between.
We are still trying to figure out what’s going on with this kid. The whole colic thing that was supposed to be gone by 3 months is still around. Which makes me wonder if it’s something else. Gas drops, colic calm, reflux meds, no dairy and soy formula and he is still pretty much the same. I am consistently trying to rack my brain and books to figure out what I can do to help him. His screams sound like he is in pain and he does it more when he is farting which makes me think its tummy issues but what else can I do to help his tummy?
He got his first cold days before his 3 month bday. Pictures and celebrating were put on hold for a few days.
He is obsessed with his baths. He loves kicking his legs and waving his arms.

We are falling more and more in love with this little boy. Everyday I thank God about a million times for putting him in my life. He is my world.


Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

He is so handsome! And his tummy issues sound exactly like Jack. We finally just had the doctor do a stool sample and we found out he was positive for c diff, which causes lots of messy diapers and tummy aches. Might be worth looking into!

Lesley said...

He is a little cutie!

The Pachuilo Family said...

He is just the Cutest Kendra! I love all the pictures and I can totally see McKenzie in the photo of him with his mouth open.

Tasha said...

I would recommend giving him baby probiotics to help his tummy! My little guy is 4 months old and putting him on probiotics helped his tummy SO much! We get them at walgreens, but you could probably find them other places or online. Just make sure they are the baby version. The difference has been amazing, we also tried gas drops and gripe water to no avail. The probiotics aren't cheap but definitely worth it!

Auntie EM said...

Kendra....he is just so adorable. I love the chubby legs. The pictures of him with his eyes shut (Harley is next to him) and the one with his hand up to his face are so darling. Well, they are all so cute. I love him!!

Ashley Quarles said...

Too too precious!!! Love the pics of him getting ready to blow kisses and the one of his big open mouth grin!!

Chanse and Janell said...

Kendra- He is stinking cute!!!
I love all of the pictures you post

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra! Gosh is he cute!!! He is acting a lot like my 5 month old was. We nurse/pump too so I was advised to start taking probiotics. Its great for my tummy issues and has helped Grayson tons too! You might want to try taking probiotics. It looks like you've tried everything else, much of what I tried too. Hope you figure it out, and I am sure you will. :)

Alerie said...

He is such a cutie!! Love his little rolls on his legs.


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