Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 13

December 2
84 days old
.Had a rough day fussy wise but was the happiest baby that evening
.Dinner at Papa and Grandmas
.Made Gingerbread houses
.Watched ELF
.Will grab and hold toys with both hands that dangle over him

December 3
85 days old
.Ran errands
.Saw Grandma Diane
.His hands are getting out of control. He often hits himself in the head over and over as he is moving his arm all over the place
.Loves playing patty cake

December 4
86 days old
.Visited Aunt Alana
.First time scratching his face with his nails
.Helped Mum wrap presents
.Fit into a pair of 3-6 month jammies

December 5
87 days old
.Visited Aunt Kristianne
.Sucking thumb more
.Scratched the inside of his nostril, drew a little blood
.Had trouble pooping
.First ever trip to Trader Joe's
.Went to see cousin A for her birthday

December 6
88 days old
.Errands all morning
.Leggings party
.Played with family all evening
.Stayed out late

December 7
89 days old
.Daddy had the day off
.Aunt Jill came over
.Took an extra long nap
.Talking more and more when you talk to him
.Grandma and Papa came for dinner
.First bath in the sink without the baby seat
.Didn't sleep great- up every 2 hours on the dot

December 8
90 days old
.Picked out his own Christmas gifts from Mum and Dad
.Enjoyed a family fun night
.Has the saddest face when he is upset, totally has the sticking his bottom lip out perfected
.Seemed a bit off, Tracker was extra clingy

I am mush when I see this face. He is amazing.


Lisa F said...

Are those the 3-6 month jammies? He's growing like a weed and his smiles are to die for! :)

Anonymous said...

Every single time I see pics of this boy, I think "what a beautiful baby !". He really is. Enjoy !

Kerri said...

He is so adorable! I think he looks so much like Makenzie. Such a cutie!

rcbe1 said...

Who wouldn't be mush with that face around. You have such great pictures of him,the last one in this post just plain PRICELESS! He is so adorable so glad you are so blessed to have him in your life :)

summergibbs said...

He is so cute and it's so cool that he looks so much like Ryan. Just a tip, a tablespoon of dark karo syrup in a bottle works great for constipation...I've had to do it for all three of my kids. You are an amazing mom...Tracker and Kenzie are both super lucky kiddos!


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