Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27

What a difference a year makes.
For us 1 year ago
December 27 2011 
I was inseminated with our 3rd vial.
We were praying.
We were hoping.
We were dreaming.
We were begging God to please give us a baby.
There was nothing more that we wanted a year ago but to give Makenzie a little brother or sister.
Our house was so empty.
So quiet.
So lonely.
We tried to stay optimistic.
We tried to not dwell every thought on wondering.

A year ago we sat in a doctors office.

and today we have the most amazing, most beautiful, most perfect little boy who has completely filled our home and our hearts with more joy than anyone could imagine.

What a year it has been.
What an incredible blessing we were given.
I cant thank God enough for giving us our son.
I am thankful for the journey we have been given. Not because its been the easiest or one anyone would dream of having, but because its taught us so much. Its made us who we are. Its strengthened us. Its showed us what love is. What life is. What happiness is.
Its given us a whole new sense of gratitude.
Coming from some of the darkest times in our life.... to this.
This incredible little face that seriously turns the hardest of days into the best ones.
He is incredible.
Every little movement he makes. Every smile he flashes. Every breathe he takes.
He has helped us learn how to live all over again.
and I never would have guess I would love like this again.
and its the most amazing feeling ever.
Thank you for being the best swimmer a year ago Tracker.
Thank you for giving us 9 months of anticipation.
Thank you for being such a healthy perfect little boy.
Thank you for giving us your life.


Jill said...

Beautiful, so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you had a very merry Christmas.

Paige said...

I remember reading this post last year, and hoping for a baby for y'all. Tracker is such a handsome little man! :)


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