Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am very lucky.
I am married to the most amazing man. 
We have our struggles and issues.
I don't deny that. We have to work on our relationship every single day.
but what makes this guy so amazing... He is willing to work on us every single day as well.
Its about both of us and we both need to make sure the other is happy.
He is pretty amazing.
and it doesn't hurt that I think he is pretty hot as well.
We went to get some food and see a movie the other day.
I love love love sushi and Ryan hates it. 
But he took me there anyway.
I thank God everyday for allowing him to be in my life.
and that's not just because he indulges in my sushi obsession.

If you don't already know, Ryan is a BIG time hunter. His whole life. He was raised on the mountains.
Well he found out the other day that he drew out on the Pansigant... 
(Pansigant is an area down south that is known to have giant Bucks, which is male deer)
If you are a hunter you can only imagine how excited he is. If your not a hunter, Imagine your biggest dream just came true. (yes even above your wife-haha)
He has been putting in for this hunt for years and finally drew out.
Ryan needs hunt and cant be more anxious to get down there. 
Hunting around here doesn't start the day the hunt opens in August. It has already started.
The scouting, glassing, feeding... Trying to find where all these bucks are.

So it starts again. Every year I become a hunters widow.
but I am so very excited for him and hope he has the best time.

Ryan's whole family hunts. His Dad and Grandpa taught Ryan everything he knows. 
They have a cabin in Southern Utah that we spend lots of time at.  
I know Ryan will be thinking of his Grandpa and Kenzie alot while hunting. He did last year.
Its a very special place for all of those boys. And us girls too.

In 2009 Kenzie and I tagged along with the boys and went to the cabin. She loved it. She loved the big trees, being outside, and the mini 4wheeling ride.

A cute story about our hunting adventure with the boys...
Ryan's Dad wasn't feeling well one of the days so he stayed back at the cabin with me, Kenz and Harley while Ryan and his Brother in law(Shaun) went out.  We were sitting there looking out the HUGE window when we all spot the same thing. Buck!  Harley has learned to not bark at deer but she whines and shakes uncontrollably so I grabbed her and held her mouth shut in one arm and holding kenzie in the other with my stuck my finger in her mouth so she wouldn't make a peep either. 
The 3 of us anxiously watched Papa (Grandpa) leave the cabin and track the buck. We sat there as still as possible. I think all 3 of us stopped breathing just waiting. We were all leaning into the window trying to watch. We look up the street and see Papa throwing his happy fists around. He got it.
I bundled up Kenzie and we followed Papa to find the buck since he ran off.
After a few minutes in the rain we found it. 
I am so happy Kenzie got to experience her Dad and Papa's favorite thing. 
I could go on about the stories we had up there.
but ill only tell one more...

That night after the buck we all went to bed. Papa was in the bedroom, Shaun was in the front room and Ryan, Kenz and I were in the dining room because that was the warmest room and we had to keep our midget warm.  It was pitch black but there was still a little light from the fire still flickering. I thought I was seeing something in the air but didn't say anything until Ryan let out a little scream and jumped up yelling "Its a bat, Its a bat"
He flipped on the light and the damn bat started freaking out. Shaun jumped up and grabbed those grabby claws you use for a fireplace... you know the thing that opens and closes and you can pick up a log and put it in the fire so you don't get burned... anyway I hope you can picture it because that's one of the best parts. Well Ryan was only in his undies running around the house yelling. I threw my body over Kenzies bed so the bat did jump in and grab her and fly her away, Ryan was running around trying to slap the bad with his hat and Shaun was trying to grab it with that dumb grabber. AAhh... It was utter chaos.
Ryan finally hit the bat. It landed on the curtains and held on for dear life. He started hissing at us. It was so loud I could hear it on the other side of the room. Shaun clamped the bat and took it outside. 

It was a crazy night. Ryan and I then didn't sleep much because we were scared his bat friends would be back and attack Makenzie.  It freaked me out enough that I took my less than 2 month old baby home early :)  
Girls Road Trip.
What usually takes 4ish hours to get home from the cabin took us over 7 hours.
A girls road trip with a new Mom, a dog that has a bladder the size of a pea and a new baby. 
It was a little nuts but they all did amazing for the most part.

So that's enough story time. 

The point of this blog was to say how blessed I am to have my Ry Ry.
*I got a little distracted.. Oops*
Well Ryan gave me the best blessing anyone could dream of and he has been my very best friend though everything. 
He is the sweetest, most loving, most giving person I have ever known.
He makes me want to be a better person.
I want to succeed in life not only for Makenzie but for Ryan as well. I want to make them both proud.

Love you Babe.


Emma said...

I am so glad you have such a wonderful man by your side! Marriage is work, nevermind when you have the loss of a child and the grief that comes with that to add into it. I am so amazed and proud how you both grieve in your own ways, allow each other to do so (even if it does drive you crazy sometimes!) but you always come back into eachothers arms. I know Kenzie is watching thinking she is the luckiest girl in the world to have parents who love eachother so much, and love her enough to put the effort into their marriage as well.

I can see how much you love, appreciate and feel blessed by Ryan-and I know he feels the same way about you. You are an incredible mother, wife and woman and I know he is proud of you-even on the "punching the air" days! :-)
Love and hugs, Em

Emma said...

Oh, I forgot, Congrats Ryan on the draw...I hope it is everything you imagine it to be!! Em

crystal said...

So glad you have all the great stories that you can tell of you and Kenzie. Praying for you!!! I know what you mean about the hunting. My family goes to CO each year if they can get their info in on time. They love it but it cost a lot of money lol!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

Alerie said...

This was a really sweet post. I'm so glad you guys have each other. You have a special love. I loved the stories at the cabin, especially the bat one. I couldn't stop laughing imagining them running around chasing after the bat. I probably would have freaked out!! I hope you have a good Memorial Day weekend.

brigette said...

He is AWESOME!! Im so glad you have each other!! We should do a sushi girls date!! I LOVE SUSHI!!

Mommy used to be so pretty... said...

I love this post. Ryan seems like a pretty fantastic guy, and a good friend which is SO important! I haven't tried sushi yet, I have no idea why? I will have to get on that.


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