Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just took my last final!
Not sure how I did on any of them. Very worried. But for now, I'M DONE!!
So ill celebrate by finishing our painting project.
I need to relax and enjoy this no homework time because I only have a short 2 weeks before summer semester begins.
However this week is still going to be a bit busy.
Painting. Packing. Fixing the truck (again). New windshield for my car. Get ready for the MRW planning lunch this weekend. Cleannnn. and get everything in order for our big YARD SALE!
Remember if you are in the area, stop by!

Saturday May 7th
7:00 am - 10:30 am
900 South Lloyd Road
Fruit Heights Utah 84037

You will see all our balloons and posters!
We have tons of stuff
furniture, home decor, clothes, DVD's, hunting stuff, outdoor items, baby stuff... etc...
seriously we have alot of stuff.
Please stop by if you can.
Ill let you all know at some point what the money is going toward, but not now... :)

Hey did you see the new little badge on the side of my page? At the top! Just click it... Doesn't matter who you are, just click it! It would be fun to be a top mommy blogger. You don't have to do anything but click that button. easy-peasy.
AND if you want to win that awesome sanitizer pack (I know not the best prize but who cant use a little sterile-ness in their life) you better get your commenting on. Remember you don't have to have a blog of your own to leave a comment. Get over THERE and share some wisdom!


The Mac's House said...


Big hugs!

Emma said...

Yah!!! So glad you are done, even if for only a couple weeks, and busy ones at that! I wish we lived closer and I could come to the sale, or have donated for it. I hope you enjoy your freedom, and are able to find some time in there to rest and relax! Hugs, Em

Katie Danner said...

Congrats on finishing school!! I know what a relief it is to have finals done...good for you Kendra!! :)

Robin said...

Hey K, I've been meaning to get on here and catch up or something I have not even written on my blog in forever. Seems like here is never anything to write really. I am thinking about trying to come out to your sale thingy! Seems like you will have a lot of stuff there and I need to get some stuff to decorate my house with. Anyways I will textee you and let you know it will probably be earlier though because we have plans to go up to wendover with the parents.


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