Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a couple things...

First.... Don't be jealous. I know you might be but seriously, I'm just that lucky.
To have...
This super sexy little number

please... please... before I get email after email asking where I got this.
Its very special, an heirloom if you will.
Passed down from one of the sexiest women I know..
Grandma H.
(Grandma is probably going to strike me down right now for even posting that)
I love it.

Before you run off looking on ebay for a mu mu of your own.
I have another thing to tell you.
You better check it out.
You better pass it along.
And you better be coming.
or else.
....and maybe ill wear that little item if you promise to come :)

Update after some controversy
Regarding this post. It was simply a joke. I hope none of you took the mu mu as offensive. I got a few comments that sound like a few people took it the wrong way. I got the mu mu from my Grandma after she passed and think its so fun. The "ill wear the little item if you come" comment was meaning that I would wear the mu mu, which I definitely would not. Seriously- Just laugh and say I'm a dork.


Kellie Staats said...

To funny!

Emma said...

Is your update serious? People actually took this seriously-I thought it was great and to be honest think it is so sweet you got that from your Grandma-and took a pic and posted it too! Love you, love your humor, don't worry about negative comments....you do/write as you please! :-) Hugs, Em

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't feel like you can't post a pix in your mu-mu. I have my own mu-mu from Grandma D. Kinda big for me but everytime I wear it (and I DO wear it), I think of my mom and it makes me smile. She called it her housecoat!! I love her and miss her as I am sure you miss your sweet grandma. Take care. Auntie M


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