Sunday, May 15, 2011

the last few days...

we had the mini (niece) again so the weekend was all about her. all girl. and lots of fun.
this silly thang decided to give herself a new hair do a few days earlier so first thing saturday morning. we took her to get it fixed. love you girl but seriously it was a hot mess.

see what im sayin. apparently the 90's are back and she needed to join the mullet gang.

they had to cut it rather short but i must say she looks pretty dang cute.

after the beauty parlor we had lunch with our best buds.
whenever these girls get together its like they have never been apart. 
dress up.dolls.barbies.books. you name it. it was everywhere.
b-man was all about chasing the girls. he is definitely going to be a ladies man.

Ryan ditch his girls and went camping - boys only!
so us girls made the most of it and had a girls only night and morning.
we snuggled tight in bed and slept in. got up and made yummy berry smoothies. watch 3 princess movies. did a little cleaning. fixed up our hair. did a few clothing changes. 
tried on jewelry and put on mounds of "lips" (lip gloss)

*poor harley. she takes a lot from this girl*

after ryan got home we decided to soak up some of the good weather and took the fam. out on a walk

i couldn't resist. this girl wanted picture after picture taken and she gave me every facial expression she could think of. i was cracking up because this lasted well over 5 minutes. 

we ended our weekend with a very yummy dinner accompanied by our other (couple) half- the andersons.

what else is new?
- school starts again this week
-there has been more work to be done on ryans truck :(
-the warm weather is starting to come out and we cant be more excited
-our long time basement roomie has decided she is heading out on her own and movin out
-i passed ALL my classes!! woowoo.. my grades... A-B-C.. seriously. ha.
-we are mapping out our summer weekends and they are filling up fast
-mrw live, laugh, breathe event in july is coming along well. so anxious! 

back to everyday life. back to work. back to responsibilities.


crystal said...

I love her new hair cut. She is still cute!!! Something about herreminds me of Kenzie. I think its the eyes and nose. I am so glad you passed your classes. I was praying for you and still am. So glad the MRW event is coming together. I know Kenzie is in charge of it all. She is there watching over every single thing you plan and okaying it:)Sending prayers and hugs your way!!!

Emma said...

First of all, CONGRATS!! I know you were worried about your exams/classes but you did it, they are behind you and now you can move forward!
What a fun weekend and so great that you can share it with such wonderful friends. It is rare to find a couple where both the husband and wife get along so well-you guys are truly so very lucky to have this wonderful friendship!
Thanks for sharing the pics/vid of Kenzie Day #17, Tangled, perfect girlie movie!
Have a great week, hugs, Em


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