Wednesday, February 9, 2011

look alikes!

call me crazy but i swore from the day my baby was born she had just about everyone of ryans features.
she had his forehead, checks, nose, chin, toes... she was definitely his baby!
i thought i saw a little of me here and there- her eyes and lips i felt looked like mine but when i would look at baby pics of me... (which were far and few in between... seriously there is not a single picture until im like 6 months) anyway, but any picture i have of me looked nothing like her. she is so much cuter than i ever was!
the other day while visiting gma. ryan stumbled upon her jewelry box that had pictures of all her babies when they were babes. he thought the picture closest to him was our Makenzie, but soon realized it wasn't.
because he is a boy and doesn't think things like that are a HUGE deal he didn't say anything!
a few days later my sister went to visit and saw the same pictures but her being a girl and all-
she text me immediately and said there is a picture of mom that looks exactly like Makenzie!
i didn't believe her because i have seen pictures of my mom and i thought i looked just like her and kenzie looked nothing like me. but. it was worth another trip across the world (okay to provo) to take a look.
when i took a look myself - woah -
i couldn't believe my eyes. this picture of my ma looks JUST LIKE Makenzie!

I tried to steal it from gmas box but she scolded me and made me sit on the other side of the room.
i snapped a pic before i left as proof.
this girl did look like her mama's side of the family!
yeah yeah she still has most of her dads features but she looks like my momi.
someday ill get to keep this picture. ill have it sitting next to one of makenzies.

so yes its behind glass and not very big and black and white but take a good look.
then look at these pictures below.
tell me what you think.

i miss that face.


Candace said...

Gah! She is too cute! And she does look a ton like her!

Anonymous said...

I thought from the very moment I first saw Kenzie that she was the spitten image of YOU!! Same nose, same eyes, same shape of face. You DO look like your mom but some may not think so because she has dark hair and yours is so blonde. BUT....the genes run deep. I see you in Kenzie but I also see some of Ryan too. But no matter who she looks like, she is your girl forever. She is Ryan's little princess forever. She is beautiful and perfect and it makes me smile whenever I think of her, which is often. Love ya Auntie M

Emma said...

I think she def. looks like your Mom in those pics...crazy! I love how men and women think so differently and how they, men, usually don't understnad why stuff like that is important.
Regardless of who she looks like, she is a beautiful little baby girl who is still touching lives...that is pretty incredible! Love and hugs, Em

Elizabeth said...

You don't know me but I stumbled onto your blog through Michelle Twilley I am also an alumni of West and my sister Katherine remembers you. But I want you to know I fell in love with your blog the moment I read it. You are an amazing woman and mother. I am in awe of your raw strength. Your little girl is so blessed to be apart of an eternal family like yours. And as much as you miss her I am pretty sure she misses her mom just as much. You are amazing! Thanks for blogging! Your baby does look like your mom. That is definitely a tender mercy to have stumbled upon.

debbie said...

She looks just like her!! So funny that your husband didn't say anything... boys!!!

bibc said...

she is gorgeous and i love when you share her pictures with us.

♥ Stephan & Michelle & Ashlyn ♥ said...

She does! How cute! Stephan and me do the same thing with Ashlyn all the time we try to figure out who she looks like, I was thinking about the posting our baby pics to see what people thought to. To funny glad Im not the only one who wonders who my kid looks like lol.


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