Friday, February 4, 2011


I am seeing the idea of writing about LOVE all through the month of February and I kinda liked it.
So here is the beginning to a full month of LOVE.

What I am LOVING right now?
- Throwing away most of the items in my fridge because they all expired sometime in 2010
- Forgetting a special birthday making someone feel extra special that I missed that day
- The fact that Its beyond freezing every day and night
- That we get to replace all the tires on our NEW truck.
- That I have a broken tooth and that the cost to fix it will be $1100... NO, insurance isn't paying for it.
- I LOVE that my husband thinks I should just get that same broken tooth pulled and walk around like a WT hillbilly with a missing tooth! AND he was serious when he suggested it.

So maybe this isn't the kind of list everyone else is writing. Ill share more REAL LOVE soon. Just thought I would throw out my not really LOVING, LOVE list.

and YES we did sell his truck. WOO HOO. although he is utterly upset about it. a story for another post.


brigette said...

Im sorry all the above sounds no fun at all!! Teeth are so ridiculous to get worked on.. its so insane!! I hope you get yours fixed soon1 I love the picture above of you and Kenzie! So PERFECT!

Emma said...

Yeah, not the best "love" list...but hey, at least you got it off your chest! :-)
I will say that I love your sense of humor and that you can always find something to laugh about, even if it is Ryan thinking you should be a hillbilly! Hugs, Em


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