Monday, February 7, 2011


I Love LOVE Love....
- That a month of the semester is DONE
- That we sold our truck and found a new one that Ryan LOVES
- In 4 days we will be on the road headed to Yellowstone
- That Ryan helped me clean the whole house yesterday, against his will, but I'm not complaining
- That it snowed a little last night
- That I have a FULL gallon of milk in the fridge
- All the random pictures I found on my phone that I took for Ryan while he was at work



Anonymous said...

So cute - so precious. I still have a few phone pictures of your girl. Love to look at them. Will keep them always. Have a wonderful trip to Yellowstone. Auntie M

The Johnson Crew said...

I LOVE it!! Those pictures are such treasures.

Emma said...

Adorable!! Have a great trip and so glad Ryan is enjoying his new truck!! Em


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