Monday, February 14, 2011


we are back
only gone 3 days but it sure felt a lot longer-which is a great thing!
there is a lot to talk about
but im so sleepy. the husband is begging me to come to bed so he can go to sleep. i have to get up EARLY to get back to the real world.
in the mean time. here is my latest list of LOVES:

-all the red and pink on 2/14-
-a little extra cookie dough in the bowl-
-finally figuring out booksmart-
-extra strength aleve-
-a pretty raw, hilarious, not for children book i discovered over the weekend-
-coming home from the north pole to pretty much... summer-
-a really hot guy upstairs who is wayy to good for words (im talkin about ryan if you got confused)-

there is a little update to the next MRW live laugh breathe event... check it out

im out

1 comment :

Emma said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend and a much needed time to reconnect with your wonderful husband!! I am sure you are glad to get away from the cold north....I wish I could!! :-) Look forward to hearing all about your weekend, have a great week, Em


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