Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old and New

The story of black beauty.

We bought HIM back in 2007. I had just received a promotion at work and we were high on life.
You know how crazy kids get when you give them a dollar, they spend it before you can blink.
Well we were young. Innocent. Not understanding much of life and how you might need a little savings one day. WEIRD right?!

S.A.V.I.N.G.S – whats that word?
To put money in a place to just sit, not spend?
But through the years we started to wise up.
Regular home repairs, Car problems, Trips, Health Issues…
Then came the big money spender… THE BABY!

Seriously. How does someone who has never taken a breath in this world able to empty every last penny we had stashed somewhere. Even the $56.22 taped behind the toilet tank. Then once she got here!!
 Those diapers never stopped. Being all young and never have been a mother I bought a big box of diapers at costco before she got here and thought that would last as long as she was in that size. HA.
You mothers out there are laughing. Roll on the ground laughing.

That girl was never big enough for the 1-2 size from costco
and we went through a BOX of diapers a WEEK in preemie/newborn!
Okay I'm distracted. Back to black beauty.

Well we loved him. He took us on many adventures and we thought we were pretty cool cruizin around in that thing. Esp. Ryan. I think HE just gave him a little boost in his manhood!

So like I said—those young dumb kids didn’t think that truck would ever leave their side. The first attempt at finding a new home for HIM was when Kenzie was in the hospital. We never batted an eye then. Life was all about our little girl and making sure we could support her and whatever else came along with that to keep her alive. We took HIM off the market late December.

We gave HIM many more happy rides over the next year. But. The time came again. But this time it was for me and my silly dreams so the selling of black beauty was more floating around as something we “would” do but never really do. The house went up for sale, items were sold, downsizing was in the works but black beauty still rested nicely in that same spot without a for sale sign on HIM.

BUT being a beast of a wife and all, I demanded the sign to be purchased, the thing to be cleaned out and  pictures to be taken so we could sell it.

Tears were shed. Denial was setting in.
Then we got the call.
HE was wanted.
We met half way, chatted with the new guardians, gave a few last loves and HE was gone.

Ryan has been through all the stages of loss.
Denial, Anger, Blame, Sadness, Depression and finally Acceptance.

Don't feel to bad. Black beauty is roaming around in southern Utah with a new set of tires and loving life.
As for the husband. Its still a very sensitive subject. We speak of Black Beauty with love and on a regular basis. Although HE will never be replaced,
HE was actually replaced by another HE.

So this guy is older, not as fancy nancy, not as comfy but HE is loved. Ryan is starting to see the fun in an older truck. He doesn't have to be so paranoid about a little pebble flying at the window or taking HIM
off-roading. If black beauty had a mark he knew I would lose it. but. with Snow White. I'm not as freaked.

now we are building that savings. its different and pretty awesome. the no truck payment is a pretty sweet deal and we couldn't be happier to really start movin on with the DREAM BIG plan!

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Malory said...

Your writing style is so creative I love it :)


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