Friday, February 11, 2011

to a better weekend!

i have been having a hard couple of weeks. hate this low. but in order to get myself out of it. im making myself do everything i am not really up to doing. the first thing. make dinner!
yeah... i haven't been able to even make dinner. so i whipped up my crunchy chicken dinner for ryan.

this girl wouldn't leave me alone... making me trip and fall every .2 seconds. thanks.

it was then time to make someone else happy so i whipped up my most favorite cookies for a special friend and my special ryan.

the cookies turned out flatter than a pancake. and the ones that kinda survived.
ended up...

being eaten. and not by someone with thumbs.


this morning i decided there was nothing that would get me out of this ... blah... 
than having a quite morning with my baby...
 and the trouble maker tagged along.

watched the sun come up with a yummy cup o' joe. 
dont worry... kenzie got hot chocolate.

now we are headed out of town for a weekend that im sure will keep me smiling. if nothing else, ill be with ryan the whole time and there isn't anything much better than that!


brigette said...

Sorry your having a low time those are so, so.hard! Hope your weekend get away is awesome! Much love always!

Alerie said...

i'm sorry things have been hard lately. you are always in my thoughts and prayers. i'm always thinking about you and your family!! i hope you have a good time this weekend. much love!!

Jessica and Reece said...

Ugh, I hate days like that. But I love how you ended up spending it :) Thinking of you!

The Corner of Inn and Sane said...

I'm thinking of you and sending love to you long distance.

Anonymous said...

Today....Feb 13th....thinking of you, Ryan, and Kenzie. Hope you have a wonderful trip and a Happy Valentine's Day. Sunrise there is always beautiful...I am missing them all but I know they are all at peace and someone special is taking care of each of them, especially Kenzie, til we see them again. Love you guys. Aunt Mary


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