Wednesday, September 29, 2010

weekday getaway

a short drive up the canyon

+ some good ol' home cookin

+ incredible views with color changing leaves

= just a fabulous much needed weeknight getaway!

when those bad days are just to much. i need to feel a bit closer to my kenzie. this was a much needed balloon day. got her some cute tinker ones and couldn't think of a better place to send them
 than in the mountains.

lovin me some fall. lovin me some friends. lovin me some simple time.


Alerie said...

It looks so beautiful there!! I am glad you have been having some much needed fun with some good friends!!

¨*:·.TIFF.·:*¨ said...

so fun!!!
i miss you, let's play soon!

Emma said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend. I am so glad you have such awesome friends by your side, what a difference they make in our lives! Thinking of you, Em


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