Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kenzie Day #9

Kenzie Day #9 = Mallows in the Mountains
We took Kenzie to the mountains a few times. She loved it. She loved the trees. The breeze. The air. Its a bit of freedom you don't get to experience anywhere else. Its a sense of peace. Its a closeness to another side.
Ryan loves them. I love them. Kenzie loves them.
We had to spend the night there with our families.

hot dogs. cookies. marshmallows. chocolate. fire pokers. wood. soda. potato salad. bubbles. balloons. rocks. candy. sweatshirts. drinks. laughing. perfect weather. smiles. pickles. hugs. loves. kisses.
it was wonderful.

what a night.
missed makenzie so much.
thought about her the whole night.
knew she was with us.
...loving every second...


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a wonderful time in the mountains with family thinking about Kenzie and how much you love and miss her. My 4 sisters I spent a lot of time in the mountains, fishing, camping, boating, hunting, loving life, and being with our parents and family. It seems most of us married men who also loved the mountains so many of those traditions are being carried forward. There is magic in the quiet and beauty of the mountains. I thought a lot about family and Kenzie yesterday. I miss her too. I sent kisses to her (no balloons though). She knows you think of her every minute. She knows you and her daddy love her so very much and miss her more than words can say. She knows we all care. Love ya Auntie M (Mary)

Emma said...

That looked like such a beautiful day and I can imagine all the memories and love for Kenzie flooding over you. She has touched so many lives, look at all those who are involved in your Kenzie Days, the fundraiser and your blog-incredible for such a little one!! Thinking of you always, Em
PS LOVE the fire pic

Victoria Strong said...

This is simply beautiful!!! Sending so many thoughts your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. My heart is with you and your family in this difficult time for you. I will be keeping all of you in our family prayers.


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