Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Letter a Day

So... I have come up with a new idea. well I didn't come  up with it- I found it off another blog but I really like the idea so I thought I would pass it along and do it myself. She titled it FREE THERAPY. I thought that was appropriate.  Its A Letter a Day.
The idea is "catharsis" which basically means to cleanse.

Ill be publishing them right here. Because really- This is my journal and the only place I write. I wont call anyone out. I wont say names. But I will write my letters.
Now this isn't going to be as strict as the 31 in 31 pictures. This will be kind of similar. Over the next few months I need to write a letter to each of these:
1. A stranger
2. Your spouse, or your future spouse - even if you've never met them
3. Your child(ren) or future child
4. Your first love or crush
5. One to each of your parents
6. Someone in your life who has caused a lot of pain during your childhood
7. Your sibling(s)
8. Someone you've hurt
9. Someone you don't understand
10. Someone deceased
11. The person you'd want to take care of your children if you & your spouse are no longer alive
12. Your best girlfriend
13. Your dreams
14. Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like
15. Your 13-year-old self
16. The person you miss the most
17. Someone you know who's going through the worst of times
18. Someone that caused someone you love (not you) a lot of pain when they were a child
19. Someone that changed your life
20. Your reflection in the mirror

Some people will write a letter a day- I know that wont happen for me. I'm back in school with a full load so there is no way Ill get 1 letter a day in.  My goal is to write all 20 letters by the end of the year.  I think you should all try this. Even if you don't post it. I think it will be nice to write out your true feelings without fear of someone else judging you, worrying about what you say and to just being honest. Some will be full of love, others will not. It will be interesting. I have read through the titles and I'm already anxious to write some. There are things I want to say but have never said. I guess I don't need to wait to write those letters- I should just write them out. But I find I wont do it unless Its like an assignment. Ill keep pushing feelings away or thinking ill say them another day and forget about it. Maybe ill learn from this.


derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

I love the new idea! I'm tempted to try it, but I can't put my thoughts/feelings into words like you can. I might have to do it, but not post them. :)

Unknown said...

I think i'm going to try it. Some of the subjects are a little scary but I guess thats the point. Thank you for sharing!

Chels said...

Are you suppose to give the letters to the people if they are still here?

brigette said...

hmm this could pose to be a great idea... Like Whiney said scary but maybe well worth it. Im going to contemplate it.

Emma said...

I think you have found something really remarkable, what a great idea and I think it really would be very therapuetic! I am going to try them as well, it is a bit scary but a great idea. Thanks! THinking of you today and always, Em

Anonymous said...

I like this idea, I'm going to do it too!


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