Sunday, September 5, 2010

31 in 31... FINALY DAY 31

31 in 31... Day 31 Kendras Picture
Took a picture of a picture. Maybe because I'm thinking about life back when it was more simple. Maybe its because I'm missing Ryan. Maybe because I wish I could do it all over again and experience that life, those 4 months all over again. Whatever the reason.
This was us. Brand new couple. Brand new newlyweds. Brand new addition.
New, Simple, Whole.
What a life.
I should have loved it more. I will start loving it more now. Just in a whole different way.

This 31 in 31 was silly and not that fun towards the end. This was not life changing, it didnt change my whole day, it was just a good distraction a few seconds. HA.
Thanks for playing.


Candace said...

Hope you're doing okay with Ryan not there... and you're better then me I didn't even finish the challenge :S

brigette said...

YAY I finally finished posting mine today. Feel free to check it out.


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