Thursday, September 9, 2010

Camo and Pink

Miss these 2. Not liking the alone time. Never have. The only difference. I have felt alone for months now. Its not much different except that Ryan isn't there to snap me out of my crying fits. He isn't there to hold me at night. You would think 10 days isn't that big of deal. He is coming back and I need to chill. I agree. I need to chill. but. I still miss him. I still need that person to kick me into gear.
He calls though. So very Glad for cell phones. So very Glad for reception in the mountains. Otherwise. I would have lost it by now. Poor boy hates talking on  the phone. I wont let him hang up. I want to know everything he did today- saw, ate, sat in, walked on... He is a bit annoyed I'm sure.

He so deserves this break.
I hope he is loving every second. No work. No wife. No responsibilities. Just a man and his bow. With the guys. A cold beer. Tons of food and a mountain of deer. What more could he ask for?

I tagged along last year.
Me. Makenzie. Harley.
We hung at the cabin most of the time we were there. It was cold. We ventured out to see the trees, ride the 4wheeler and go on walks. We sat by the fire and read stories. I was really nervous about her being to cold up there. So we went home early. But not before some great action!

Grandpa W was with us back at the cabin while the other boys went off hunting. He saw a deer through the window. I was feeding Kenzie and watching Harley. He snuck out the back door and wondered through the trees. I was so nervous Harley would see the deer and start barking So I grabbed her and held her mouth shut. I was then nervous Kenzie would cry so I stuck my finger in her mouth. We all 3 sat there. Starting at Grandpa. quietly. waiting. nervous. shaking. overly excited.
Then BAM. Meat on the table. I couldn't believe my eyes. Neither could Kenzie or Harley.
After a few minutes of jumping up and down. Catching our breathe. Letting our heart rate slow down. We went out to see the prize.  Kenzie was utterly impressed She adores her Grandpa and was so proud of him. Harley wanted to kill it still. She didn't understand it was already dead.
We helped Grandpa find his arrow (or try to find it, Dad later found it) We tried to calm Grandpa down who was still on a high and couldn't stand still. We waited for those boys to get back so we could clean that thing up. We were there from the beginning to the end. Makenzie saw it all. She got to experience one of the greatest joys her Grandpa and Dad share. I'm so glad she did.

This was last year. Cant get sexier than that. I wonder if he ever dreamed of a life like that?
Camo and Pink go well together.

They were pretty good friends. Probably the best of friends (other than me and her :)
She couldn't get enough of his funny face. Scratchy beard. Stinky smells. contagious laugh.
In love.
Unlike any other kind.
Love them to pieces.


Alerie said...

That picture of Makenzie sleeping on Ryan is precious. Both pictures are really cute actually. I hope Ryan comes home soon for you!! Always thinking of you and praying for you!! Much love!!

brigette said...

To cute. I hope the time goes by fast thats left. They are both very special people as are you.

Emma said...

I can imagine this 10 days has been tough, but I hope you have been out doing fun things just for you while Ryan was away. I hope you had some girls nights, some fun times, maybe a glass of wine or two! :-)
The pics are adorable, Camo and Pink...together perfectly.
Love and hugs, Em

Andrea said...

that picture is cute. hope the time goes by fast for you and ryan gets home soon.

{owens} said...

kendra... i thought you might like this poem. it made comforted me in my darkest times..

I thought of you and closed my eyes
And prayed to God today
I asked "What makes a Mother?"
And I know I heard Him say.

"A Mother has a baby"
This we know is true
"But God can you be a Mother,
When your baby's not with you?"

"Yes, you can," He replied
With confidence in His voice
"I give many women babies,
When they leave is not their choice.

Some I send for a lifetime,
And others for the day.
And some I send to feel your womb,
But there's no need to stay."

"I just don't understand this God
I want my baby to be here."
He took a deep breath and
cleared His throat,
And then I saw the tear.

"I wish I could show you,
What your child is doing today.
If you could see your child's smile,
With all the other children and say...

'We go to Earth to learn our lessons,
Of love and life and fear.
My Mommy loved me oh so much,
I got to come straight here.

I feel so lucky to have a Mom,
Who had so much love for me.
I learned my lessons very quickly,
My Mommy set me free.

I miss my Mommy oh so much,
But I visit her every day.
When she goes to sleep,
On her pillow's where I lay

I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek,
And whisper in her ear.
Mommy don't be sad today,
I'm your baby and I'm here.'

"So you see my dear sweet ones,
your children are okay.
Your babies are born here in My home,
And this is where they'll stay.

They'll wait for you with Me,
Until your lesson's through.
And on the day that you come home
they'll be at the gates for you.

So now you see what makes a Mother,
It's the feeling in your heart
it's the love you had so much of
Right from the very start.


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