Monday, September 6, 2010

lulu day

spent the afternoon with lulu. we had lots of fun. shopping. being scared by the creepy statue. playin in the water at the gateway. visit kenzie. read to kenzie. ride the car outside the grocery store. get treats. ice cream. new dress. laughing. dancing. loud music!

funny how this day made me feel. as soon as she got in the back of the car i couldn't help but stare in the rear view mirror. to reach back and feel something. to hear someone else with me. oh how i missed it. being with her made me remember how i used to be with makenzie. she taught me to slow down.
and today.
we slowed down again.
 we didn't rush. we pet the horses. we walked slower. we stopped at stores that caught her eye (anything that sparkled), we 'melled' the smells (lotions), we watched the water, we sat. it was refreshing.
makenzie taught me so so much. its amazing to see how life was with her and how it is now.
now- always rushing, never have time. we never stop and enjoy the journey.
with her we did. every late night. every feeding. every bath. every book. every song. we soaked them all up. maybe we knew. maybe we had a feeling it wouldn't last long. i just didn't realize it would be that short.  I'm so grateful we didn't rush it though. I'm glad we stopped. with her. and loved those little moments. those silly, usually would miss it, kind of experiences.
thanks for bring all that back today lu.


Em said...

I am so glad you had a nice day and I bet Kenzie was there helping you to remember to slow down, that there is much to see when you do. I think it is so special how you cherished every minute with Kenzie-the late nights, the wake ups, the diaper changes (okay, maybe Ryan didn't enjoy those too much!) even before you knew she was sick. you cherished every second-so many people don't, and I am guilty of that many days and I thank you and Kenzie for reminding me of that. She is still teaching us all and is always in my thoughts, as are you. Love and hugs, Em

Shawna said...

I agree so much with what Em said. I know I've told you before, but it is really amazing how much you loved, enjoyed, and appreciated all those moments with her. I have been better with my second child, but even with her I have been guilty of groaning over late/middle of the night fussing, unexpected messes, etc. Thanks to you and Makenzie and your story though, I remind myself that I should be enjoying each and every moment, not just with my kids, but in life in general. I am so glad you got a wonderful day with your niece. that is great.

Ashley Sullenger said...

I'm glad you had a good day :) I have found that I sometimes miss Preslee the most while driving in the car. It's difficult to slow down in this crazy life isn't it?

Candace said...

I love this very thing about little kids... she is so stinking cute!

brigette said...

Your an amazing aunt!! How lucky are those kids to have you!


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