Friday, June 11, 2010

Volunteer Pizza Party

Tomorrow June 12th from 6-7 PM is our Volunteer Pizza party for
Makenzie's Live, Laugh, Breathe Event!
If your planning on volunteering or would like to, come sign up tomorrow. 
We would love to have all of you.
Go to our MRW blog for the address and directions.
Remember who this is for!


Emma said...

Hope you have more volunteers than you could even hope for. Wish I was closer and could be there.
What a beautiful pic, who couldn't want to help out that sweet face?!!
Love Em

brigette said...

Kendra I cant make it today because of work but I want to volunteer!! I will do anything!! My sister is also wanting to volunteer you can email me what youd like for us to do at sorry I cant make it I hope it turns out awesome!!

Emma said...

Thinking of you tonight and hope you had a great turnout! I can only imagine the lives you and your sweet girl have touched and I hope many of those people are able to come and help you for such a special event!! Em

Doreen G. said...

I agree... hope you had a great turnout last night! Just wanted to let you know that I left colorful balloons for Kenzie tonight. Thought she needed some bright colors with all the rain and clouds. :)


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