Tuesday, June 22, 2010

one boy-one girl

so we still have 2 dogs.
milo benjamin derek and harley jill michelle.
i love them
well- maybe one more than the other.
but that will probably change once the black one learns to pee and poop outside
instead of on the work clothes that i layed out to wear for the day.
they are both cute
they both have lots of energy
they both eat A LOT
they are both growing
but-- one is growing quite a bit faster than the other.
they are 3 years apart in age.
one is black
one is yellowish
we like to sing the song
ebony and ivory when they are playing together.
it makes us laugh.
one likes to run away whenever she gets a chance
the other is really good and stays close by.
one is really clumsy and trips over his own feet.
one understands no and get down the other... not so much
one knows to stay out of a certain room in the house,
the other thinks its a play room and will do anything to get in.
one knows what the word makenzie means and gets really sad when we say it
the other looks at us like we are crazy and runs around in circles
one girl loves the outdoors
the other boy isn't quite sure of it yet.
both bark to much
they both fart all day long.
they both drink from the toilet then try to give us kisses.
they both like their pool.
they both like peanut butter.
they both like to wrestle with each other.
one is a sweet cuddly girl
the other is all boy and wants nothing to do with his mom.

sooo we got new carpet-
mainly because that all boy made the house smell a horrible smell of
**well you can guess**
we did it now because we got a pretty good deal and because that boy was getting pretty good at not going potty in the house. well since we got the brand spankin new carpet- he decided he needed to mark his territory all over- high and low- throughout the house once again.
thanks milo.

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Alerie said...

your dogs are so cute!! the potty training stage = no fun!! i hope he is getting better!! this was a cute post!!


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